Cassper Nyovest is Becoming More Unpopular as fans demand to Have Him Added to the List of the Worst Rappers. Connie Ferguson now a rapper

Mzansi has been jolted by the most surprising piece of information after a top 20 list of the worst South African rappers was posted on social media. This list was published on Twitter by an account named Everything South African Music, and it has already caused a lot of people to experience a variety of emotions.

Some people on Twitter expressed the opinion that the list was accurate, while others advocated for the inclusion of celebrities such as Cassper Nyovest and AKA, as reported by ZAlebs. Just hours after the publication of his response to Big Zulu’s 150 Bars titled 4 Steps Back, people are already calling for the Amademoni hitmaker to be put to the list of the country’s worst rappers.

The fact that some of Mzansi’s most beloved, well-known, and significantly good rappers are included on the list of the Top 20 Worst South African Rappers does not make their fans particularly happy. Reality TV star turned rapper Boity, Nadia Nakai, Nomuzi Mabena, Da L.E.S, and many others were discovered shaking for the chance to be dubbed the country’s worst rappers.

“Top 20 Most Disappointing Rappers of All Time! Who’s been absent?” authored the article “Everything SA Music.”

Nota Baloyi, who calls himself a music entrepreneur, has taken to the comment sections of the Everything South African Music website to express his outrage. It was discovered that the controversial Nota Baloyi, who considers himself to be the only person who knows the ins and outs of the music scene in South Africa, did not agree with this list.

Even more surprising to Nota Baloyi is the fact that there is a total number of 20 rappers who are considered to be the worst, given that, in his opinion, South Africa does not even have a list of more than 40 rappers.

When there isn’t a list of more than 40 rappers to begin with, being at the bottom of a list of the 20 worst rappers is a compliment! penned Nota Baloyi.

Tweeps have shown up in large numbers to defend Reason, who, according to their argument, should never have been included on the list in the first place. Reason, who is expecting twins with a well-known figure in the media In the world of rap, Lootlove is well-known for being one of the more talented rappers. His supporters are not taking it lying down that he is considered to have the worst rap in the country; they are fighting back.

“Respect Reason why you guys appreciate this, because Reason is better than eighty percent of South African rappers bar for bar. “That is a proven fact,” Thembinkosi wrote.

After hearing that their favorite rapper, Boity, was named as one of the worst in South Africa, even Boity’s fans are not exactly jumping for joy about the news. Taking into consideration the comments, they have expressed their disagreement with the notion that Boity is in fact an excellent rapper.

“Boity,reason, gigi lamayne?? Where have AKA and his friend Mufasa disappeared to? How is it that emtee did not make it onto this list? According to what was written in Pop Industry, “just because you don’t like someone doesn’t imply they can’t rap.” Boity,reason, gigi lamayne?? Where have AKA and his friend Mufasa disappeared to? How is it that emtee did not make it onto this list?

It doesn’t imply someone can’t rap just because you don’t like them—that was a tweet from The Pop Industry (@Pop Industry2) on September 2, 2022.

Watch as Connie Ferguson sets the stage ablaze with her live hip-hop performance and establishes herself as the new Queen of Rap.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson left fans impressed with her hip hop live performance, and they are now calling her the new Queen of Rap. Connie shown, on multiple instances, that she was capable of doing much more than just acting. She is a person with a wide range of skills, and in many respects, she is an artist by birth. Connie is a phenomenal performer in a variety of disciplines, including gymnastics, dance, and singing, but her acting is particularly noteworthy among all of her gifts.

It is now common knowledge that Connie’s family has a long history of artistic achievement. Shona Ferguson, her late husband, was an accomplished actor who also had a passion for singing. Connie has just demonstrated a new level of her singing ability, and her daughter Ali has already demonstrated that she is an accomplished drummer. After seeing Connie perform, many of her admirers have speculated that she will put an end to the careers of a number of musicians, with Casper Nyovest being the prime focus of their predictions. Connie is prepared to compete with other excellent hip-hop musicians in Mzansi such as Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, and Boity, although there are more talented hip-hop musicians in Mzansi.

Connie Ferguson amazes with her superb hip-hop live performance.

Diss tracks are currently being thrown by prominent stars such as Casper Nyovest and Big Zulu, and lovers of hip-hop are enjoying listening to them. Big Zulu kicked off the battle when he published her diss track 150 bars, which has now gone on to become a hit with over 1.5 million views. The situation became much more precarious once Casper released a lengthy response song titled “Four steps back.” It appeared as though Connie had been working out with Ali at the time that she was doing her practice. She had a beautiful singing voice, something that a lot of other professional artists lacked.

Fans were impressed with what Connie was able to do, despite the fact that she is now fifty-two years old and her voice is beginning to go hoarse. Her singing sounded like it was performed by a girl of sixteen who was at the height of her musical career. It got to the point where there were so many people in the backdrop of the performance that they started yelling and shouting her name. They went as far as to request that she move closer to them so that they could hear better. She became aware of the happiness she brought to her supporters and joined the celebration; she also jumped for delight when the entire home caught fire.

The Ferguson clan is quite fond of musical performances.

Connie and her daughters engage in dancing more frequently, and when they do, they record it for future reference. The most of the time, it was the young women who would instruct Connie in modern dancing routines, and she appeared to pick it up really quickly. Connie once accomplished the One-Leg challenge on her own, and the resulting video quickly gained widespread attention. Hearing Connie create music of such high quality is the pinnacle of what the Fergusons are all about.

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