Bullets fly on the latest Uyajola99 as brave Jub Jub almost got killed in Soweto hostel

After watching JubJub boldly enter a Soweto Hostel at night to confront a cheater, fans of Uyajola99 offered their reactions to the situation.

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The most recent episodes of Uyajola99 are jam-packed with drama, as two women battle it out over one man who is already committed to another woman, and in the second episode, the cheater berates both JubJub and her partner.

A Xhosa woman as a girlfriend and a non-white woman as a “side-chic.”

Zizipho from Gqeberha came to JubJub and the rest of the Uyajola99 team in the first episode, pleading for their assistance in determining whether or not her partner Sibusiso, whom she had been seeing since the year 2020, was cheating on her.

Bullets fly on the latest Uyajola99 as brave Jub Jub almost got killed in Soweto hostel

One of the reasons she believes he is cheating on her is that he has been acting differently when he is on the phone, which she mentioned as evidence. In addition to that, she mentioned that he has become more covert with his phone and that he smiles at it more frequently when he is messaging.

Bullets fly on the latest Uyajola99 as brave Jub Jub almost got killed in Soweto hostel

Zizipho reported that Sibusiso does not appear to have the same amount of time for her that he did when the two of them initially started dating.

While the presenter was getting to know Zizipho, she received a call about Sibusiso’s whereabouts, and when she went to investigate, she found him making love with another lady in a restaurant.

Zizipho immediately went into attack mode, and in order to prevent a physical conflict between her, Sibusiso, and the other woman, she had to be kept away from them.

The woman he was found with then dropped a bombshell on everyone by admitting that Sibusiso had a girlfriend that she knew about, and that it was not Zizipho.

Bullets fly on the latest Uyajola99 as brave Jub Jub almost got killed in Soweto hostel

“He is the father of two children by her. “There’s no way she could be you,” the other woman remarked.

A rowdy crowd of onlookers encouraged the two women to continue fighting while the security team from Uyajola attempted to keep them apart from each other. Meanwhile, the two women continued to try to beat each other up.

After that, both of the women were suspicious of him and requested an explanation. He was unable to provide an explanation for his actions, and he ultimately left with the other woman.

A place in Soweto

The second episode of this week featured JubJub and his Uyajola99 team showing up at a hostel in Soweto. Viewers thought this was an extremely courageous move on the part of JubJub and his team.

As soon as the people who were already inside the hostel opened the door, the argument that involved all of the parties involved got underway. The man who mistook himself for the woman’s boyfriend began trading insults with the man he found her with when he discovered her.

The woman started yelling at JubJub almost immediately, demanding to know what he was doing there and why he had cameras with him.

Shen then began to attack her alleged boyfriend, asking him why he was embarrassing her by showing up with a camera crew. Shen’s actions were met with laughter by the audience.

She asked several times, “Why did you have to bring cameras?” before the first shot was fired in the exchange of gunfire.

Even the sound of gunfire did not deter JubJub from his mission to discover the truth about what was going on with the couple while he was attempting to get them to communicate with one another.

The woman then started to yell at her boyfriend, accusing him of “not working hard enough” to provide the money she needed.

After that, they relocated to the protected environment of their Uyajola99 van, where JubJub attempted, without success, to mediate a talk between the pair.

She interrupted him every time JubJub tried to ask a question by telling him that their relationship was none of his business and that it was none of her concern either.

She then proceeded to trash JubJub and slap him while making fun of her lover for the fact that he was currently jobless.

After that, JubJub got out of the vehicle that Uyajola99 was in so that the couple could chat, and the woman immediately started apologizing to her lover while also attempting to get him to take her back.

She eventually departed with her lover despite becoming confrontational once more as he refused to accept her apology.

While this was going on, Uyajola99 was at the top of the trends, and viewers couldn’t believe how strong and daring Jub Jub is. Tweeps found it hard to believe that he went to a hostel to confront a cheater and then continued with the show as if nothing had happened, despite the fact that there had been bullets fired during the confrontation.

@Mosi Selomo
JubJub is exactly the man he portrays himself to be. Even after the rounds were fired, man continued to question “why Ufeba?”

@mbali ndlela
Were those the sounds of gunfire? Phew phew phews are something that JubJub needs to keep an eye out for #Uyajola99.

I really hope that JubJub gets enough bag, because wow, the work that he’s performing is quite risky and the guns were firing on Sundays during #Uyajola99Sundays.

@Thabo teeman
Even the police wouldn’t have been able to enter that building. Let’s take Jub Jub out and offer him some flowers.

Jubjub is brave. Ehostela? These individuals possess firearms#uyajola99

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