Black Coffee comes under fire for helping Dr Malinga

Dj Black Coffee, a music industry heavyweight who has won multiple awards, is currently trending on social media when it was revealed that he supposedly helped Dr. Malinga with his financial troubles.

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As a result of Dr. Malinga’s failure to pay the R2.1 million in back taxes, his personal belongings were repossessed and sold at auction.

There are rumors going around the TL that claim the internationally acclaimed South African DJ Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo gave R500,000 to Dr. Malinga. However, these rumors have not been confirmed.

Dr. Malinga took to Twitter to express his gratitude to Dj. Black Coffee for his assistance. However, he did not elaborate on the specific help that DJ Black Coffee provided to him in any way.

“Thanks, Big Brother @RealBlackCoffee, for your assistance; it is greatly appreciated.”

Others criticized him, saying that while he was rushing to help Dr. Malinga, he neglected to take care of his ex-wife Enhle Mbali and their two sons when they divorced. While some Twitter users praised him for coming through for Dr. Malinga, who is currently going through a difficult time, others criticized him for doing so.

In May of 2017, South African actress Enhle Mbali caused a stir when she shared on Instagram how she and her children had been left in the dark after having their electricity cut off at their home.

She claimed that Black Coffee was not providing for her or their children in any way. She stated that he had not paid their electric bill, which is why the lights had been turned off in their home.

Check some of the responses that were given;

Did he pay his ex-wife that much in alimony, which, if he did that, would be considered performative? When I last checked, I had heard that he had not paid the power bill, and that he had advised her to cut back. However, he is capable of being so generous towards Dr. Malinga.

After this post, Enhle is going to whine about the price of power and candles. Okay, thanks, and goodby.

How much money did he pay his ex-wife, excuse me, I mean the woman who gave birth to his children?

The fact that people in South Africa have come together to support one of their own has got to be one of the most encouraging things that can happen.

This time, the person on the other end of this love is Goodwill Malinga, who is more often known as Dr. Malinga.

Until a few days ago, he was trending for an emotional interview he had on Podcast & Chill with MacG. In this interview, he opened up about the struggles he faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in SARS repossessing his valuables. This interview caused him to become a trending topic.

Makhadzi, Black Coffee, and Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF, are among the South Africans who have reached out to help the muso today. As a result of their efforts, the muso will now be featured in Makhadzi’s one-woman show, which will take place in October.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) ended up repossessing some of his assets, including his furniture, because he was unable to book jobs and pay his way through difficult financial times.

The 42-year-old man claims that he attempted to contact certain colleagues in the sector in addition to the Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, but without success.

“After a period of two years, SARS appeared. I gave Minister Nathi Mthethwa a call, and we had a conversation. I was phoning coworkers, but they didn’t come to my rescue when I needed them “he stated.

“I’m used to being the one who gives, but I’m not used to being the one who gets. People never give anything in return, no matter how much I do for them “stated Dr. Malinga, whose emotions were extremely clear to see.

After the interview, the musician became a trending topic on social media, and a number of people expressed their willingness to assist him in overcoming this setback. Some of these individuals have already contributed monetary aid to the Via Orlando star.

Makhadzi, a musician who has won multiple awards, was one of the first people to make contact with Malinga in a public forum. On Friday, she extended an invitation to him to perform at her upcoming one-woman show in Limpopo by using social media. The show is scheduled to take place in November.

Black Coffee comes under fire for helping Dr Malinga

The musician, who was born in Limpopo, posted on Twitter: “I genuinely want to support him from the bottom of my heart.”

And it would appear that the agreement has been finalized.

The revelation was confirmed by Makhadzi on Friday afternoon, and she said that she would “not exploit him,” but that she would share what little she has with him in light of the fact that Covid-19 has been difficult for many musicians.

Many others have urged the celebrity to keep his head up and not be ashamed about the fact that he has fallen on hard times or is being visibly distraught about very real life concerns.

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