Babes Wodumo finally reveals what made her sick after pics went viral

The reason why South African musician Bongekile Simelane, better known by her stage name Babes Wodumo, has recently shed a significant amount of weight has been made public.

The musician Babes Wodumo is seen with Ukhozi FM veteran radio personality Dudu ‘Lady D’ Khoza in pictures that have been shared on social media and have caused people’s tongues to start wagging. The musician appears to have lost a significant amount of weight in the pictures.

Because Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s marriage has had its ups and downs, some people speculated that the reason Babes Wodumo had lost weight was because she had recently given birth. On the other hand, others were adamant that she is either sick, on drugs, or being abused because of the fact that she had lost weight.

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Jacinta Ngobese, a well-known radio personality, went on Facebook and admitted that she, too, had gone through something similar after giving birth to her child. Babes Wodumo was the recipient of Ngobese’s sympathy, and he begged Mzansi not to pass judgment on the Wololo hitmaker.

Babes Wodumo explained the reason behind her weight loss in response to the question. She claimed that she started losing weight when she was pregnant, and that she continued to shed further pounds following the delivery of her baby. The Gqam musician revealed that it was painful for her to witness other women making fun of her appearance.

This is what she wrote:

I experienced some weight loss during my pregnancy, and then continued that trend after giving delivery. It’s painful to listen to ladies make jokes about the way I look.

Babes Wodumo added that despite the cyberbullying she is enjoying motherhood and that she is not stressing about the weight loss because some of her friends went through the same thing when they had their children. Babes Wodumo was referring to the experience of losing weight after giving birth. This is what she wrote:

Is it due to the fact that I am a celebrity or the fact that I am a young mother who is still trying to find her footing? I have no idea what kids want from me, but I am having so much fun being a mother.

Just because I recently gave birth and my body is still in the process of recovering, other people are ready to pass judgment and say things like, “I am unwell, I need treatment, or I am taking medicines.”

Because several of my friends and my sister have been through the same thing, I am not allowing myself to become anxious about my weight reduction.

You wrecked the future for Babes Wodumo, Mampintsha says as Babes’ most recent snapshot becomes a viral sensation on the internet.

The most recent picture of Babes Wodumo has been making the rounds on Twitter, and it has prompted her supporters to ask a lot of questions. Musa Khawula, a blogger who specializes in celebrity gossip, recently uploaded several photos of Babes Wodumo to Twitter, and users’ reactions to the news have not been particularly positive.

As a result of the recent photographs of Babes Wodumo that have been going around on social media, there has been a discussion started on Twitter about her. During the time that Babes Wodumo was conducting an interview with Dudu “Lady D” Khoza of Jabul on Ukhozi FM, Ujule was in charge of hosting the show. Tweeps are more concerned, as shown in these photographs, by the weight loss that Babes Wodumo appears to have achieved.

Musa Khawula has posted pictures of Babes Wodumo photographed with Dudu ‘Lady D’ Khoza on Twitter. Tweeps are talking about the obvious weight showing on Babes Wodumo’s body in the pictures that Musa Khawula has posted.

Tweeters with anything to say about Babes Wodumo’s appearance flocked to the comment area of Musa’s post to do so. Some people have mentioned that she has lost weight, while others have speculated that the stunning woman is not feeling well.

Many of them pointed the finger of blame at her husband Mampintsha for what they see to as her fall from grace, while others questioned whether or not her decreased weight and increased fatigue could be attributed to being a mother.

According to @LwandleEL, “Perhaps she’s breastfeeding, and that’s the reason.”

The user @Deenospopi made the following comment: “Please, let’s learn to refrain from commenting about other people’s weight.”

@MkivaU inquired, “Why does it appear that she is ill? Is she okay?”

Fanie7231 on Twitter speculated that the user might be dieting.

@Fikz the_

Cook was quoted as saying, “People who like to take terrible images of you and post them online bore me to death.”

“To think at how she used to be one of the hottest Girls in SA, looks really do fade away, yoh,” added @Mclaren VSOP. “To think at how she used to be,”

A long time ago, Babes Wodumo was considered to be one of the most popular musicians in South Africa.

These days, one hardly ever hears about the gqom artist who only makes headlines for acting bizarrely online or for having spats with her in-laws. This is because gqom is no longer as popular as it once was.

Once again, the self-proclaimed “queen of gqom” has made headlines, but this time it’s only because South Africans can’t get over how drastically different she appears.

The photographs were met with backlash from her devoted followers, many of whom questioned why she appeared to be in such a worn-out and fragile state.

A good number of them pointed the finger at her spouse, who has a history of engaging in physically violent behavior.

A few of their observations regarding Babes’ appearance are as follows:

“Mamphintsa damaged our daughter yoh,” said @Khutso Thabane on Twitter.

@LolithaShosha shared the same sentiment and wrote: “And she’s in it too deep; they even got married, and now there’s a child.” There is no turning back at this point.

Both Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha were present for the premiere of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, which took place not too long ago. Even at the event where it was announced, fans were anxious about her singing career, which she has placed on hold while she focuses on other endeavors in her life, such as the baby and the reality show.

Even in this most recent season, the tension that has been building up between Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law is just growing worse. The Gumedes have made it clear more than once how much contempt they have for Babes, and as a result, they genuinely do not want anything to do with her. They even went a step further by claiming that Babes never followed the correct protocols when it came to getting married in the traditional culture.

“On behalf of Mampintsha’s family, I can confirm that we will not be supporting Babes Wodumo. Although she is Mampintsha’s girlfriend, she is not a member of our makoti. “We want people to know that she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife,” Mampintsha’s sister apparently told Daily Sun. “We want people to know that she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife.”

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