Alaska kwaito star Mofokeng has died

The passing of its legend, Thabo Mofokeng who had been ill for some time, has shocked the South African Kwaito group Alaska, which has been rocked by yet another piece of tragic news. The hitmaker first rose to prominence while performing with the well-known Kwaito group Alaska.

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According to people with strong ties to the family, Thabo passed very shortly after being admitted to the Bheki Mlangeni hospital in Jabulani, which is located in the Soweto neighborhood of Jabulani.

On Sunday morning, word of his passing circulated around his neighborhood in Meadowlands Zone 7, which was devastated by the news.

The demise of Thabo, which sent shockwaves through the band, came shortly after the passing of Les Ma-Ada in November of 2013.

His exact cause of death has not been determined; however, sources have stated that he was in a critical condition when he was admitted to the hospital.

Thabo will reportedly be best remembered by Alaska’s hit song “Accuse,” which is widely regarded as one of the most iconic Kwaito group songs from the early 1990s. According to these sources, the song was written about Thabo.

The problems that actually exist in the area are portrayed in Accuse. In this song, Alaska speaks about the burglaries, robberies, and other crimes that were commonplace in Ndofaya during the time period in question.

One Week After Getting Married, a Man Passed Away | See the Reported Cause of His Death, R.I.P.

After the passing of her husband, a young woman has been left in excruciating anguish. Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a painful experience, and it is a suffering that is never quite healed. Another woman has spoken up about how her life has been turned upside down by the sudden death of her spouse, which occurred just one week after the couple tied the knot. From the joyous celebration of their union to the tearful parting a week later. It must be the most painful experience ever to go through something like that. She had high expectations that she would enjoy a long and happy life with her husband and that they would have a lovely brood.

The celebration of her marriage and the beginning of a new life was intended to be the happiest moment of her life, but things ended up going so horribly wrong. Sadly, she will no longer be able to continue living the dramatic life she had been leading.

She has admitted that the period of mourning for her spouse is extremely terrible, and at times she wishes she could die so that she could join him in heaven. When people lose loved ones, they always have the feeling that life has been unfair to them, and they may even begin to believe that they do not deserve to live at all. This feeling can last for a very long time.

One week ago, relatives and friends gathered together to celebrate their union; now, however, they will be getting together for the very last time in order to say goodbye to him.

It is speculated that her spouse was poisoned while attending a gathering; however, the reason for this is unknown. Unfortunately, his diagnosis of death was already established when he arrived at the hospital. It’s probable that someone was motivated by jealousy when they did this. When people are in the company of other people, they should always exercise caution. Because of this, she will feel anguish for the rest of her life, for as long as she lives.

During this difficult time, many people have been sending messages of support to the families. It has been brought to her attention by other people that in order for her to be able to cope with this agony, she ought to look for professional assistance. What are your thoughts regarding this issue? ,

A woman passed away outside of the clinic after the nurse refused to assist her during the night. R.I.P.


It is evident that crime in our society is not only taking the lives of ordinary people but also making life very difficult for the rest of us, as the tragic death of this woman reveals.

If there is a lack of service delivery in the country, the authorities need to be able to ensure that crimes are stopped, and we hope that they will be able to do so soon, before things get out of control. If there are people dying as a result of a lack of service delivery, then there is a lack of service delivery in the country.

Do you even have the capacity to fathom that this woman needs emergency medical assistance? Why don’t they adhere to a predetermined set of moral standards? Simply because this is a source of great frustration. The alleged event took place at the Vleifontein clinic, where the woman was allegedly refused entry at the gate and told in no uncertain terms by security and nurses that they could not assist her in the dark.

We have faith that the authorities will conduct the appropriate investigations into this matter and make it clear that behavior of this nature will not be tolerated. The death of the woman should not have been in vain, and we are confident that they will do so. It is very clear that average people in our society are confronted with a situation that is really worrisome, and it is a shame that we are in this position given that we erroneously imagined that it would ensure that everything would go swimmingly from this point forward.

It is obvious that the authorities need to make sure they are successful in making sure we don’t have instances like this any longer, as the mother and her 2-year-old child lay there until additional community members arrived and tried to help the situation. This is because the authorities need to make sure they are successful in making sure we don’t have instances like this anymore. If every individual in this nation works together toward the same goal, we won’t have to worry about any criminal charges, and those who do commit crimes won’t be tolerated by anyone.

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