After paying Lobola, LOOK what she was spotted doing

LOOK what she was spotted doing after the ceremony, after Lobola was paid for her, just soon the wedding. A guy used social media to vent his frustrations at what he observed going on in his own backyard.

The guy found a new lover in Gauteng and followed her back to her hometown with him. After the wedding, he had paid a significant amount of money for Lobola, and her girlfriend was cleaning the pans in this manner. Many individuals found themselves giggling at these images because of the method that this woman adopted.

She really disliked the idea of water being splashed all over her body. Instead of using her hands to rinse the pots, she made the executive decision to utilize the pipe. When visiting their spouse’s parents, most individuals like doing their best work possible. This young lady didn’t go out of her way to do everything she believed to be appropriate.

There were many who agreed with her, particularly when it came to the aspect of having long fingernails and toenails. When you have long nails on your fingers, washing pots and pans might be difficult. It was the husband’s responsibility to inform her of the things that were expected of her. Because some individuals were raised in households where there was little to no activity of any kind.

After paying Lobola for her, LOOK what she was seen doing after the ceremony

Even though they didn’t want to laugh at her, many people couldn’t help but wonder how she would manage to stay alive among the flames. It is a stroke of good fortune for her because the family she married into really prepares their meals using gas. It was going to be challenging for her since there are households where wood is the primary source of fuel for the fire.


Did you know that if a husband’s wife commits adultery against him, he is legally entitled to a complete refund of his lobola from both the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court of Zimbabwe?

In their decision from 2015, Justices Hlekani Mwayera and Tendai Uchena gave their stamp of approval to this assertion.

In this scenario, Liberty Machodo found out that his wife had cheated on him on several times with various people, some of which were his older and younger siblings, a nephew, and a herd boy. Other individuals involved in the affair included a herd boy. Machodo’s wife was kicked out of the house and they had a divorce when he found out about this massive act of treachery and violation of the marital contract.

This did not sit well with Chikudza Fanuel Mangwende, the father of the unfaithful wife. As a result, Chikudza Fanuel Mangwende filed a lawsuit against his former son-in-law at the Magistrate’s Court, seeking the remaining amount for the lobola.

It was discovered in the course of the trial that the adulterous encounters were brought to light when the couple’s newborn infant refused to nurse. The trial took place in the Magistrate’s Court. Both Machodo and his ex-wife testified in front of the judge that the infant did not begin nursing until after the mother had fully confessed all of her adulterous activities. This information was provided by Machodo. She admitted that she had had many adulterous encounters with Machodo’s brothers, nephew, and herd kid, and that she had done so over a period of time.

After taking into account all of the evidence, the magistrate came to the conclusion that Machodo’s wife had violated the terms of their marriage by having an affair with her husband. The judge decided that because of this violation, her father had no right to any of the remaining balance of the lobola payment.

The judge went on to decide that according to customary law, a man who would have paid lobola is entitled to a complete refund if the wife commits adultery. This was the conclusion that the magistrate reached after hearing the evidence.

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