After an argument about a male friend, Makhadzi got into a nasty fight with Loraine Guyo.

After an argument about a male friend, Makhadzi got into a nasty fight with Loraine Guyo.

An informant reports that the acclaimed South African singer Makhadzi does not share the same values as his recently discovered closest friend in Zimbabwe, Lorain Guyo. Makhadzi is from Zimbabwe.

Evidence from the Motormouth According to Chihera, a Zimbabwean socialite who is acting in her own capacity, the relationship between Makhadzi and Loraine Guyo has regrettably come to an end because Loraine began dating Makhadzi’s closest friend. Chihera makes this allegation in her own capacity.

After Durban July of this year, the South African artist who has won several awards introduced Loraine to herself as her closest friend and referred to her as her “baby sister.”

The two have been seen partying together at some of Mzansi’s most exclusive resorts, such as at Durban July, which is the most important horse racing event in South Africa.

In comparison to the months prior, the two people’s friendship on social media has been much weaker as of late.

Zimbabwe’s Evidence Chihera has revealed what is said to be alleged inside information that the two are no longer on talking terms after a private spat that saw them swearing never to see each other again. This comes at a time when many people have been scratching their heads and trying to figure out what happened to the two.

It is said that after Makhadzi took Loraine into her camp, the Zimbabwean started seeing Makhadzi’s closest friend behind her back. This was after she had placed Loraine under her protection. According to the allegations, Mr. Brown is the close friend in issue.

According to reports, she was fuming mad at the turn of events since she had not anticipated Loraine to act dishonestly toward her.

According to Evidence, she reportedly requested that Loraine not step foot in her home again under any circumstances.

“Lorraine na makhadzi vakanetsana about a month back nyaya yacho yakamira kudai. Lorraine paive South Africa akadanana na close buddy ya makhadzi izvi akaita behind makhadzi. Saka akaita find out makhadzi nezvavo hazvina kumufadza ndokubva confronted Lorraine nezvavo kuti chomie how far akamboda kuramba ramba akamuburitsira proof yacho. Makhadzi hazvina kumufadza akaudza Lorraine thru exchanges ne ma voice note kuti handide kuna kumba kwangu usatsaure Nani. Evidence Chihera stated in her native tongue on Facebook that “Sis Lolo vakaedza kunyengetedza but makhadzi hazvina kumufadza.”

However, Loraine and Makhadzi have not provided a response to the allegations since they have not addressed the matter in public regarding the claimed occurrence.

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