A prominent businessman from Limpopo was killed in a car crash.

The BMW that the late Mr. Abubakr Akoo (seen inset) was driving when he passed away. This photograph was provided by the Middelburg Observer.

Well-known A terrible accident claims the life of successful businessman Louis Trichardt.

The unexpected passing of well-known local businessman Mr. Abubakr Akoo brought considerable sorrow to the people of Louis Trichardt, who learned of his passing. On Thursday morning, a terrible car accident that occurred in the infamous Kranspoort Pass on the N11 route near Middelburg claimed the life of Abubakr, 41, and caused him to perish in a horrible manner.

When the incident occurred, Abubakr was in the process of making his way to Newcastle to pay a visit to his father. According to the reports coming from the site, the driver of a truck that was descending the steep mountain pass apparently lost control of his vehicle, which resulted in a collision with the BMW that Abukakr was driving.

During this process, Abubakr’s vehicle became wedged between the truck and the concrete barrier that was located next to the road. It was dragged along for more than 100 meters before the truck was finally able to break through the barrier. Upon impact, Abubakr was murdered, and a passenger who was traveling with him and sitting in the passenger seat suffered serious injuries. When we went to press, it was still unknown what had happened to the passenger or who he was. Neither was it known what condition he was in.

One of Abubakr’s many business interests was the ownership of a Build It franchise in Louis Trichardt. He also had other business interests. He was also a scholar in the field of religious studies and an authority on the study of religions of different cultures. He was famous for having the Quran committed to memory and being able to recite it verbatim.

The burial of the late Abubakr took place in the Newcastle Muslim cemetery at the stroke of midnight on Thursday evening. He is survived by his wife Fatima, three children with ages ranging from 7 to 12, his father Hafiz Aslam Akoo, mother Asiya Akoo, brother Mufti Mohammed Akoo, and sisters Ayesha, Mariam, Asma, and Sumaya. His mother and father both passed away before he did.


Victor Ramukumba begged for his life when he saw guns leveled at him, and he promised them all he had on him at the time. However, the suspects were looking for more.

On Monday evening, Ramukumba, the proprietor of the Mangondi Eating House and Bottle Store located just outside of Thohoyandou in Limpopo, arrived at his place of business and waited for his employees to close up shop.

He had no idea that the day he was living would be his final one.

After load shedding began at approximately 9 o’clock in the evening, while the staff was getting into Ramukumba’s car, a group of individuals brandishing firearms suddenly materialized out of nowhere and confronted them.

According to the employees who spoke with Scrolla.Africa, Ramukumba offered his attackers everything he owned; nonetheless, they still chose to kill him.

The fact that the mysterious killers did not make off with any cash or other valuables is something that continues to be a puzzle.

Priscilla Mbulaheni, who was present during the murder, said that she was certain the death was the result of a hit.

“This was a resounding success. They did not steal anything from us because he was in possession of his wallet, car keys, shop keys, and phones. There is no question in my mind that they wished for his death. “They did not want anything other than for him to continue living,” she claimed.

Ramukumba was described as a “man among men” by the local traditional leader Chief Nndavheleseni Maumela. He was also credited with working toward the village’s overall development.

“He hired three different employees. He remarked, “I have no idea what will happen to his employees.”

According to the spokesperson for the Limpopo police, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, a manhunt has been initiated to locate the individuals responsible for the murders.

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