A member of Boohle’s family tells on her

Tee Jay, who was formerly Boohle’s producer and is now his brother-in-law, asserts that the singer owes him money. This follows the conclusion of the most recent episode of Podcast And Chill with Mac G on Channel O.

Tee Jay disclosed that he had produced Boohle from 2014 till earlier this year, in February 2021.

He claimed to have created a few songs for the artist, including her hit song “Mama,” as well as “Inyembezi,” “Ekseni,” and a great deal of other music.

The producer said that he had never been paid anything up to this very day. The information was shared by Tee Jay in the comment section of Cassper Nyovest’s tweet. Cassper was also voicing his disappointment with what Boohle and Mac G had said about him on the show. Continue reading to learn more about how Boohle has thrown Cassper under the bus.

Additionally, Boohle stated on the podcast that she does not get along with Tee Jay, confirming previous speculations. On the other hand, she disclosed that he was an important figure in her professional development.

Are things still fine between the two of you and Tee Jay?

Mac G had a question.
She stated that they are not, and she went on to clarify that, “we began together, and it was extremely wonderful, I would never lie.” We did everything together, and it was a fun adventure; however, at some point along the way, it turned poisonous, and it became a toxic relationship.

According to Boohle, the situation turned into a problem when she started being open about how she was feeling and pointing out things that she did not appreciate.

She gave an explanation that went something like this: “He made a huge issue out of it, and it simply became too difficult.”

Mac G inquired more about what would take place in the event that she desired to visit her sister while Tee Jay was present at the location in question.

“He is still related to us. However, despite him separating us, we continued our pursuit of her,” Boohle added.

Tee Jay took to Twitter to express his desire to be provided with a forum in which he could share his perspective on the situation.

“Perhaps MacG ought to simply call me as well… because I am unable to explain this either here on Twitter or on Facebook,” he tweeted.

During the “who must go” game on the show, Mac G asked Boohle to choose between Sir Trill and Daliwonga. In response, Boohle disclosed that she does not get along with Sir Trill. Daliwonga was her second choice.

“He was disrespectful to me, so he can go. He pushed his nose in my business,” she remarked. He is collaborating with the same group of guys that I had been working with up until now. Tee Jay, myself, and the other contract people didn’t have anything against him, but he wanted to involve himself anyhow.

Boohle stated that she did not have an issue with Sir Trill working with Tee Jay; nonetheless, Boohle stated that Sir Trill began calling her and saying rude things to her.

@casspernyovest, you are not the only one… I wrote you, Mom. Inyembezi. Impilo inzima…. Memeza. Izwelonke. Imiyalo. Sms. Uhamba no bani…. Ekseni… Many, many more…. Did she even give me a penny for my trouble? No, she’s working today with the, and she’s not even giving me anything in return.

September 16, 2021 — Tee Jay SA (@TeeJayChuene) —

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