Idols twins emprace motherhood

Idols SA Season 9 alums Neliswa and Anele Mxakaza, renowned for their twin connection, are embarking on separate yet interconnected life journeys, maintaining their unbreakable bond.

In a delightful revelation, Neliswa shared on social media her pregnancy news, expecting her first child with fiancé Sandile Makhubela, a skilled cameraman. Neliswa expressed her joy, calling motherhood a lifelong dream and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby.

Despite her new role as a wife and soon-to-be mother, Neliswa assures that her sisterhood with Anele remains unwavering. The twins emphasize that, even as they explore individual paths, their unbreakable bond endures.

Anele, the perceptive sister, was the first to suspect Neliswa’s pregnancy, noticing telltale signs of morning sickness. Anele shared, “I found out when I was two months, but my sister was already suspecting because I was always feeling sick, and morning sickness made her suspicious.”

Following the birth of Neliswa’s baby boy, the duo plans to unveil their much-anticipated new album, showcasing their musical growth. Their journey, which began in 2013 on Idols SA, captivated South Africans. However, a significant turn took place when they testified against Pastor Timothy Omotoso, their former church leader, and his co-accused, addressing charges of rape, human trafficking, and racketeering.

Having overcome traumatic experiences, Neliswa and Anele are now focused on their music careers and embracing their roles as mothers and aunts. With a renewed sense of purpose, they aspire to leave the painful past behind and concentrate on the positive chapters that lie ahead.

Neliswa and Sandile’s love story, rooted in her music career, spans a six-year journey of unwavering support. Engaged in 2020, the couple plans to wed next year following successful lobola negotiations. The sisters affirm that, despite their individual pursuits, their profound sisterhood remains intact.

As they navigate this exciting phase of life, the talented duo looks forward to a future marked by both personal and professional growth, leaving behind the challenges of the past and embracing the joys of the present and the promise of the future.

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