Old video shows Lerato Kganyago doing it with Trevor Noah

Tweeps took a delightful trip down memory lane recently when media personality Sizwe Dhlomo retweeted an old music video featuring DJ Sbu.

The video resurfaced and captured the attention of social media users, who thoroughly enjoyed glimpsing into the past and witnessing some of South Africa’s beloved celebrities in their earlier days.

Before DJ Sbu ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and writing, he was widely known as one of South Africa’s most prominent musicians. A snippet from one of his music videos made its way onto Twitter, quickly gaining viral status and captivating the online community.

Old video shows Lerato Kganyago doing it with Trevor Noah

The music video in question was for the song titled “Everything Happens For a Reason,” and it showcased not only DJ Sbu but also Sizwe Dhlomo and an unexpected appearance by Trevor Noah. What made the video particularly intriguing was the moment a much younger Trevor Noah suddenly emerged in front of the camera and began grooving with a beautiful and alluring video vixen.

While Trevor’s cameo added a touch of excitement to the video, Sizwe appeared to be having a more laid-back experience. He could be seen seated away from the crowd of ladies, enjoying a refreshing drink while DJ Sbu skillfully worked his magic on the decks.

The clip generated a flurry of reactions from social media users who reveled in the joy of seeing these familiar faces from the past. Many expressed their amusement, laughing heartily at Trevor Noah’s vibrant energy as he immersed himself in the moment alongside the captivating video vixen.

Several users took to Twitter to share their thoughts and feelings about the nostalgic video. One tweep hilariously remarked, “My first time seeing Trevor Noah with black Huns,” highlighting the surprise factor of seeing Trevor in such a different context. Another chimed in, saying, “Lol AboTrevor Noah having a blast in the background,” appreciating the infectious enthusiasm exuded by Trevor during the video.


As the retweet gained momentum, more and more social media users engaged with the post, sharing their own memories and experiences related to these prominent figures. The video became a catalyst for conversations, enabling individuals to reminisce about the “good old days” and reflect on the journeys these celebrities have taken since then.

The viral nature of the clip showcased the power of social media in unearthing and revitalizing past moments that resonate with a wide audience. It serves as a reminder of the impact these celebrities have had on South African popular culture and how their careers have evolved over time.

Ultimately, the retweeted music video featuring DJ Sbu, Sizwe Dhlomo, and Trevor Noah became a delightful diversion for social media users. It provided a glimpse into the past, allowing fans to revel in the nostalgia and celebrate the accomplishments of these influential figures.

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