Zimbabwean DJ Tira’s R24 Million Mansion Raises Eyebrows in Mzansi

DJ Tira, the renowned Zimbabwean DJ based in South Africa, recently unveiled his opulent R24 million Durban mansion and luxury car fleet, providing fans with a glimpse into his extravagant lifestyle.

Mthokozi Khathi, better known as DJ Tira, has earned acclaim not only for his prowess in nurturing Mzansi’s top musical talents like Big Nuz and Qwabe Twins but also for his significant contributions to the Gqom rhythm, which took the South African music scene by storm in 2017.

Apart from his DJing skills, Tira wears multiple hats as a producer and record label owner, propelling him to the forefront of the industry. His journey into the limelight began with a victory in the Smirnoff SA DJ Knockout competition in 2000, setting the stage for his remarkable career.

As the founder of Afrotainment, Tira’s success has translated into substantial financial gains, with reports indicating that his fees for choruses and verses have soared to R100,000 and R70,000, respectively. However, recent speculation suggests these figures may have increased even further.

While commanding high fees for his gigs, Tira’s lavish lifestyle has seen him acquire a magnificent mansion in Durban, estimated to be worth a staggering R24 million. The property, adorned with cream paintings, modern fittings, and an open-plan kitchen, showcases the DJ’s taste for luxury. Rumors swirl around the number of rooms within the mansion, accompanied by a double garage and carport housing his impressive car collection.

Speaking of cars, Tira’s fleet includes an Audi R8 Spyder (R4 million), Mercedes Maybach (R3.8 million), and a Mercedes AMG coupe (R1.2 million). However, the revelation of his extravagant lifestyle took an unexpected turn when some eagle-eyed fans claimed to spot a mysterious figure through the mansion’s window, sparking rumors of infidelity.

Upon closer inspection, the enigmatic figure turned out to be a playful interplay of shadows, dispelling any notions of wrongdoing. Despite the brief moment of speculation, DJ Tira’s R24 million mansion stands as a testament to his success and prominence in the South African entertainment scene.

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