Dj Tira Paternity Drama

In a surprising turn of events, DJ Tira has been thrust into the spotlight as the alleged biological father of Babes Wodumo’s son, ‘Spontshi Wodumo,’ challenging the assumed paternity of the late Mamphitsha. These claims surfaced during DJ Tira’s birthday celebrations, triggering a wave of speculation on social media.

Babes Wodumo’s birthday wishes to DJ Tira on social media triggered a barrage of comments questioning Mamphitsha’s status as the real father. The online chatter escalated, with netizens suggesting DJ Tira might be the actual parent and urging him to contribute to child support.

Amidst the swirling rumors, Babes Wodumo found herself under scrutiny, with social media users questioning her past choices, marriage to Mamphitsha, and now, the paternity of her son. Frustrated by persistent trolling, Babes Wodumo decided to address the allegations head-on, questioning the credibility of the claims and highlighting the absurdity of the accusations. She even brought DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, into the conversation, questioning her stance on the matter.

Undeterred by the online harassment, Babes Wodumo took a decisive stand, announcing her intent to take legal action against the trolls. Screenshots of derogatory comments directed at her were posted as evidence, and she warned that legal letters would be forthcoming.

One particular troll, identified as Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane, faced scrutiny for commenting on Babes Wodumo’s appearance. Babes Wodumo sought her followers’ help to identify the individual, signaling her legal team’s efforts to address the disparaging remarks.

As the drama unfolds, Babes Wodumo faces the challenges of social media scrutiny, opting for legal action as a means to combat persistent trolling.

In a separate development, Babes Wodumo shared pictures of her son, Sponge Wodumo, dressed in school uniform, sparking speculation about the child having his own school. Netizens, amused by the idea, commented on the cuteness overload and questioned if Sponge indeed had his own school. Babes Wodumo fueled the speculation by zooming into the uniform’s logo, reading “SW – Sponge Wodumo Primary School,” leaving social media users both amused and intrigued by this unexpected revelation.

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