DJ Maphorisa Repossesses Expensive Vehicles from Ex-Girlfriend

DJ Maphorisa Repossesses Expensive Vehicles from Ex-Girlfriend. Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa – In a surprising turn of events, renowned DJ Maphorisa has reclaimed two luxurious vehicles that were previously gifted to his ex-girlfriend, Thuli Phongolo. This development follows Phongolo’s recent accusations of physical abuse against the DJ back in May.

Among the repossessed vehicles are a Porsche and a Mercedes G-Wagon, which were reportedly bestowed upon Phongolo during their relationship. According to a police report, Phongolo claimed to have been assaulted on the balcony of her Sandton residence.

Phongolo recounted the alleged incident, stating, “On Sunday, May 7, at around noon, my lover Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, also known as DJ Maphorisa, and I were at my home. I confronted him so that we could discuss our fight from the previous night after his show. However, he became aggressive, punching me repeatedly in the chest. He then forcefully took me to the balcony and aggressively grabbed my neck.”

They are allegations that the reposition of Maphorisa’s stuff made a huge blow to Thuli Phongolo.

DJ Maphorisa Repossesses Expensive Vehicles from Ex-Girlfriend

Since news broke about DJ Maphorisa reclaiming his vehicles, the public’s reaction has been mixed. Some individuals have taken to social media to mock Thuli Phongolo, exacerbating the situation. A recent photo of Phongolo barefoot garnered significant attention, with speculations emerging that Maphorisa had even reclaimed her shoes.

The repossessed vehicles and the ongoing social media frenzy surrounding the situation have intensified public interest in the case. Authorities continue to investigate the abuse allegations made by Thuli Phongolo, while the DJ’s actions regarding the vehicles have added another layer of complexity to the already contentious breakup.

Ingenious Methods Revealed: How to Reach Someone Who Has Blocked Your Phone Number

In the age of modern communication, encountering a blocked phone number can be an obstacle when attempting to connect with someone for important matters. However, innovative methods have emerged that offer potential solutions to this conundrum. Here are some groundbreaking ways to successfully call someone who has blocked your number:

  1. Stealth Mode: Hide Caller ID

One approach is to cloak your identity by concealing your caller ID. By implementing this tactic, there’s a chance the recipient may answer your call. On an iPhone, navigate to “Settings,” select “Phone,” and then “Show My Caller ID” to turn it off. Android users can achieve the same by going to “Settings,” selecting “Call,” proceeding to “Additional Settings,” and finally, clicking on “Caller ID” and choosing “Hide Number.”

  1. Untraceable Communication: Dial *67

A powerful technique involves dialing *67 before entering the desired number. By doing so, your number will be masked, appearing as a private number to the recipient. For example, dial *670712345678 before calling the intended party.

  1. Technological Aid: Phone Number Generator Applications

Harnessing the power of technology, one can utilize free applications available on the Google Play Store that generate random numbers. These apps enable users to make calls without revealing their true identity, effectively bypassing blocks set by the recipient.

  1. The Ultimate Move: Change Your Phone Number

As a last resort, when all else fails, one can consider acquiring a new phone line. By obtaining a different number, you can attempt to reach the individual who blocked your previous number.

While connecting with someone who has blocked your phone number may present challenges, these innovative techniques provide potential solutions for those determined to establish communication. As technology continues to advance, it remains to be seen what other inventive methods may arise in the pursuit of reaching out to blocked contacts.

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