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Tembe family lawyer’s letter suggest there was a foul play leading up to Anele Tembe’s passing

Tembe family lawyer’s letter suggest there was a foul play leading up to Anele Tembe’s passing. The death of Anele Tembe, the late fiancé of South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, has been a subject of intense public scrutiny since her passing in June 2021.

Ahead of her funeral, the Tembe family’s lawyer released a letter suggesting foul play in Anele’s death, specifically that AKA pushed or threw her from the balcony of their hotel room at the Pepper Club hotel in Cape Town.

Tembe family lawyer’s letter suggest there was a foul play leading up to Anele Tembe’s passing

The letter was reportedly written two weeks after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) informed the Tembe family that they would not be prosecuting AKA. The NPA’s decision not to prosecute came amidst accusations on social media that the Tembe family was involved in AKA’s murder. Moses Tembe, Anele’s father, has released two statements denying these allegations.

The family lawyer’s letter accuses AKA of playing a role in the night of Anele’s passing, stating that all evidence points to him. According to City Press, the letter claims that AKA did not attend to Anele, who was alive for 20 minutes after falling from the balcony, but instead cleaned the hotel room, which had blood stains, and went on to party with his friends.

The letter argues that the NPA’s decision not to prosecute AKA was based on a fabricated statement from the hotel and AKA himself. The family also claims that the video footage of Anele’s fall recorded a time prior to the call that AKA made to the reception of the hotel. Rob Stefanutto, who heard an argument between AKA and Anele before her fall, confirmed that he heard Anele pleading with a male attacker to leave her alone before he heard her fall and administered CPR.

The family also points to scratch marks on AKA’s body as evidence that Anele was attempting to defend herself while he was carrying her on his shoulders, indicating that he threw her over the balcony. The letter accuses AKA of not attending to Anele, leaving a stranger to administer CPR and call emergency services, and of partying and drinking with his entourage following her passing.

The NPA confirmed this week that they declined to prosecute AKA over the matter as the case was still being investigated. The letter from the family’s lawyer adds to the ongoing speculation and controversy surrounding Anele’s death, with many members of the public calling for justice to be served.

It is important to note that these are allegations and accusations, and until a proper investigation is completed and a ruling is made by a court of law, the truth about Anele’s death remains unknown. It is also important to respect the privacy and emotions of the families involved during this difficult time.

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