Skeem Saam Actor Cornet Mamabolo Shares Surprising Video Hints at New Role”

Skeem Saam Actor Cornet Mamabolo Shares Surprising Video Hints at New Role”.Talented actor Cornet Mamabolo, widely recognized for his roles in popular South African soap operas Skeem Saam and The River, made waves on social media when he posted a video on Thursday, 6 July. In the video, Mamabolo was seen dressed as a woman, leaving fans curious about the nature of his new endeavor.

Skeem Saam Actor Cornet Mamabolo Shares Surprising Video, Hints at New Role”

In the video shared on Twitter, Mamabolo playfully addressed his followers, saying, “We are all allowed to play, right?” Although he didn’t reveal the character he was portraying, his fans were intrigued by the unexpected transformation. With his usual charisma, the actor exclaimed, “What’s up, this is Cornet aka Aus Connie. The rumor has it, it’s gonna be lit, hair on fleek, makeup on fleek with the vosho.”

As the video circulated online, speculation mounted about whether Mamabolo had landed a new acting role or if he was simply entertaining his fans through social media. Fans eagerly await further announcements or updates regarding his intriguing appearance.

Skeem Saam Actor Cornet Mamabolo Shares Surprising Video Hints at New Role

In a separate incident, Cornet Mamabolo recently caught the attention of media outlets and fans when he publicly supported actor Hungani Ndlovu, who had taken over the role of Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla in Skeem Saam. Mamabolo took to Twitter on Tuesday, 4 July, to encourage Ndlovu, emphasizing the importance of taking risks and embracing the artistry of acting.

Ndlovu expressed his gratitude for Mamabolo’s support, affirming their shared commitment to the craft. He replied, “It’s the only way, my brother. The playing has begun! I won’t take anything to heart, not today, not tomorrow. You know, we’ve been doing this for decades. I appreciate you, king.”

Cornet Mamabolo’s recent social media activity has undoubtedly piqued the interest of fans and industry observers, leaving them eager to uncover his latest project and witness his versatility as an actor.

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