‘Skeem Saam’ star remembers her gogo who was ‘murdered by her father’

In a poignant tribute to her late grandmother, Amanda Manku, renowned for her role in the popular South African television series “Skeem Saam,” took to Instagram to share cherished memories of her beloved gogo.

However, this touching remembrance is shadowed by a tragic tale of loss and betrayal, as Amanda’s family grapples with the devastating aftermath of a heinous crime.

Accompanied by a heartfelt video capturing a tender moment between herself and her grandmother, Amanda expressed her profound longing for her departed loved one. In the clip, the pair playfully prepare for a photograph, with Amanda’s grandmother sharing a lighthearted remark about her attire, evoking laughter and warmth in their exchange.

Amanda fondly remembers her grandmother, referring to her as “Dimakatso’s grandmother,” a poignant testament to the enduring bond between generations.

However, beneath the surface of these cherished memories lies a harrowing tale of tragedy and betrayal. Amanda’s grandmother, Lettie Maphuthuma, met a cruel fate alongside her daughter, Gladys Manku, Amanda’s mother, in a shocking incident that shook their family to its core in 2021.

The alleged perpetrators of this heinous crime include none other than Amanda’s own father, William Manku, casting a dark shadow over the family’s history.

Recent developments in the case have shed light on the chilling details of the crime. Amanda’s father, a police captain, along with his girlfriend and an accomplice, stood accused of orchestrating a sinister plot to silence Lettie Maphuthuma permanently.

Shockingly, during court proceedings, it was revealed that William Manku had confessed to orchestrating the hit on his mother-in-law, implicating himself in a chilling act of violence born out of greed and malice.

The court heard chilling accounts of Manku’s alleged involvement, with details emerging of his role in facilitating the gruesome crime. From providing directions to the hitmen to reportedly making payments for their services, Manku’s hands appear stained with the blood of his own kin, a betrayal that defies comprehension.

As the wheels of justice turn, Amanda Manku and her family are left to grapple with the devastating fallout of this unthinkable tragedy. Their lives forever altered by loss and betrayal, they must navigate the treacherous waters of grief and justice, seeking solace in the memories of those they’ve lost and the hope for a future free from the shadows of the past.

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