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See reason why Sonwabisile ‘Soso’ Rungqu dumped Generations

Actress Sonwabisile ‘Soso’ Rungqu, known for her role as Zanele, a senior detective on Generations The Legacy, has decided to leave the show.

The departure of Soso, who had been part of the soapie since February 2021, has been confirmed by an inside source. According to the source, Soso received an irresistible offer to play a leading role in an eagerly awaited telenovela on eTV, featuring an all-star cast.

Soso, who was previously a presenter for Moja LOVE, is said to have signed a one-year contract with the station for her new role. Although the details of her character in the telenovela remain shrouded in mystery, the production is expected to debut in March. Filming for the show started in January, and the exceptional cast promises to make it an exhilarating experience, according to the source.

See reason why Sonwabisile ‘Soso’ Rungqu dumped Generations

Efforts to contact Soso for comment were unsuccessful, as her phone went unanswered. However, Costas Gavriel, executive producer of Generations, confirmed that Soso departed from the show amicably. “She landed a lead role in another production. She will return when she’s finished,” Gavriel said. He also confirmed that Soso’s agent approached the show’s producers in December 2022 to inquire if she could be written out temporarily.

“We did not write her off. Producers and writers penned her character out to enable her to pursue a lead role in another production,” he explained.

See reason why Sonwabisile ‘Soso’ Rungqu dumped Generations

Soso’s departure from Generations The Legacy has come as a shock to her fans, who have come to love her portrayal of Zanele, a senior and resilient detective. However, her decision to leave the show highlights the opportunities and challenges that actors face in the entertainment industry.

Actors often have to make tough choices when it comes to their careers, and Soso’s decision to leave Generations The Legacy is a prime example of this. While the show has been a great platform for her career, Soso has decided to take on a new challenge and explore different avenues. This is a brave move on her part, and one that requires a great deal of courage and determination.

Soso’s decision also highlights the importance of having a strong support system in the industry. Her agent and the producers of Generations The Legacy were supportive of her decision to pursue a new role, which enabled her to take on this new challenge. This is a reminder that actors need a strong support system to help them navigate the industry and make the most of their opportunities.

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Soso’s departure from Generations The Legacy also raises questions about the show’s future. The soapie has been a fan favourite since its inception, and the departure of one of its lead actors could have an impact on its viewership. However, the show’s producers have assured fans that Soso will return when she’s finished with her new role. This suggests that they are confident in the show’s ability to continue without her.

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and actors must be willing to adapt and take on new challenges. Soso’s decision to leave Generations The Legacy is a testament to her courage and determination to explore different avenues in her career. We wish her all the best in her new role and look forward to seeing her on our screens again soon.

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