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Sophie Ndaba, a well-known actress and businesswoman, expresses gratitude for turning 50 while living with diabetes for over 11 years. Despite enduring ridicule and false death rumors, she finds solace in her faith and understanding of her condition. Sophie remains motivated by the positive outcomes she has experienced and looks ahead with excitement, even amidst her current challenges.

Passionate about educating others, Sophie openly discusses her journey with diabetes, recognizing the need for awareness and knowledge. She believes that with the right information, anyone can manage the complexities of diabetes, regardless of their medical background.

While considering a return to acting, Sophie currently focuses on her business ventures and personal well-being. She takes time to regroup, plan, and prioritize her health, dedicating her energy to these endeavors.

Living with diabetes has taught Sophie that it is a complex undertaking. She emphasizes the importance of adopting healthy habits, managing stress, and nurturing mental well-being. Sophie is launching a wellness program this year, aiming to make a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing her knowledge through social media and potentially developing it into a television show in the future.

Gauteng Govt. Launches Nasi Ispani Campaign, Recruiting 8,000 Job workers

At least 8,000 job opportunities are now available in all Gauteng provincial departments and entities, as announced by Premier Panyaza Lesufi. These positions encompass a wide range of roles, from drivers and office administrators to managers and advisors. Although the campaign is aimed at the youth, applicants of all ages are welcome as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

The launch of the Nasi Ispani (Here is a job) campaign by the Gauteng government coincides with the 47th anniversary of the June 16 uprising. The initiative aims to address unemployment and raise awareness about existing job openings within the provincial government.

This effort comes at a time when Gauteng is grappling with high unemployment rates. According to Statistics SA’s first-quarter 2023 Labour Force Survey, the official unemployment rate in the province stands at 34.3%, rising to 39.6% when considering the expanded unemployment rate definition.

The vacancies, which will remain open until July 14, 2023, span across various departments and entities. These include positions such as drivers, receptionists, cleaners, artisans, security managers, safety officers, electricians, social workers, engineers, managers, and advisors. Most of the jobs advertised are permanent, except for a few exceptions as indicated.

On Youth Day, the Premier, Members of the Executive Council (MECs), human resource officials, and data capturers were present at 22 walk-in centers throughout the province to assist applicants in applying for the available positions. Thousands of hopeful individuals, both young and old, braved the cold weather to submit their applications. Some opted to apply online from the comfort of their homes.

Many applicants expressed their desperation for employment and their willingness to take any legitimate job. One applicant, Charles, shared his struggle of never having secured a job and falling victim to job scams. Despite feeling disheartened, he remained hopeful while waiting in the queue at the Nasrec Expo Centre.

Portia Kubelo, a mother of two from Lenasia South, spoke about her unemployment since 2018 and her reliance on social grants. She emphasized the responsibility she feels to take care of her children and siblings and saw this job opportunity as a potential life-changing event.

Lesedi Tsotetsi, a public relations student, shared her three-year-long job hunting experience and expressed her hope for a positive response to her applications. She believed that securing a job would not only enable her to finance her studies but also contribute to her household.

By the end of the day, the queue for job applications at Nasrec was still long, with more people joining. Simultaneously, the online platform experienced high traffic, indicating the urgent need for employment opportunities.

Applicants can expect a response within three months, according to the online portal. The hope among applicants is for a fair and transparent recruitment process.

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