WATCH: Sophie Ndaba is back to operating her wedding planning company

WATCH: Sophie Ndaba is back to operating her wedding planning company

Sophie Ndaba is reclaiming her space in the events and wedding planning industry. The star was forced to close down her business due to health issues just before Covid-19. She has since made a full recovery and is making a comeback.

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Speaking to ZiMoja, Sophie said that when she was sick, she tried to revive her business but her attempts failed. Despite the setback, Sophie did not give up on her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman. “I didn’t have the energy and I couldn’t think and be creative but now am fit both emotionally and physically.” she said. After undergoing treatment and making a full recovery, she has now revived the business, which she said has been met with great success.

I am grateful for the opportunity to start over. I have learned from my past mistakes and am now focused on providing the best service to my clients,” she said. Sophie’s wedding planning business offers a range of services, including event planning, decor, catering and photography.

She said she also provides her clients with a personalised experience, ensuring that each wedding is unique and memorable. She also told ZiMoja that she is currently learning the latest trends because she has been out of the game for a while. “Events evolve just like fashion, there are always new trends and am busy with that,”

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Sophie said she does not believe in putting her eggs in one basket. She revealed that she is now a life coach and is using her experience to heal others.

“I have started a new company called Sophie on Wellness where I teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Throughout my journey to recovering, I have been getting requests from people wanting to know what my secret is,” she said. She is currently working with the team of doctors and dieticians where they design eating plans for clients to help them become healthy.

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Sophie who has been married three times says she still strongly believes in love. “I would definitely be getting married again if I meet the right person. Love is a beautiful thing, I love the feeling of being in love, I have been hurt in the past and that was a different phase of my life, I won’t let that experience change the way I feel about love,” she concluded.

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