Sonia Mbele poisoned

Generations actress Sonia Mbele is recovering at home after experiencing a food poisoning incident that landed her in the hospital. The health scare occurred after she consumed seafood from a take-away outlet in Morningside, Sandton.

Although Mbele stated that she couldn’t entirely blame the restaurant, as she failed to warm up the food properly before eating it, she emphasized the seriousness of food poisoning.

Despite being back home, Sonia Mbele still feels weak and is resting in bed, causing her to cancel all her meetings for the previous week. Recently, she garnered attention on social media with photos showcasing her appearance.

Romania Jobs 2023 for International Applicants – Submit Resume (CV)

If you are an international applicant with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or relevant diplomas in various fields, Romania offers exciting job opportunities in sectors like Banking, Aviation, Teaching, Freelancing, and Logistics.

Working in Romania’s best companies can potentially change your life and provide you with a chance to earn a substantial income. Here are some of the available career options in Romania for 2023:

1) Banking Jobs in Romania:

  • Business Development Manager: RON 13,300/month
  • Accountant: RON 9,250/month
  • HR Manager: RON 13,400/month

Requirements: Specific qualifications and experience are necessary for each position. For example, HR Managers should have a BS degree in Human Resource Management and five years of relevant work experience.

2) Hotel Jobs in Romania:

  • Waiter: RON 2,660/month
  • Hotel Manager: RON 16,200/month
  • Receptionist: RON 4,210/month
  • Cook: RON 4,090/month

Requirements: Qualifications and experience requirements vary for each role. For example, cooks need kitchen management skills and three years of experience in 5-star hotels.

3) Labor Jobs in Romania:

  • Store Keeper: RON 4,090/month
  • Freight Handlers: RON 2,890/month
  • Heavy Truck Drivers: RON 2,710/month
  • Security Guards: RON 2,530/month

Requirements: These labor positions have specific skill requirements, but no particular degree is necessary.

4) University Jobs in Romania:

  • Assistant Director: RON 5,490/month
  • Lecturer: RON 11,800/month
  • Assistant Professor: RON 12,600/month

Requirements: Qualifications like a Ph.D. degree and relevant research articles are required for university teaching positions.

5) Engineering Jobs in Romania:

  • Civil Engineer: RON 8,070/month
  • Electrical Engineer: RON 8,040/month
  • Automation Maintenance Engineer: RON 6,970/month
  • Product Engineer: RON 8,360/month

Requirements: Engineers need to possess specific degrees and relevant work experience for each engineering position.

6) Aviation Jobs in Romania:

  • Cadet Pilot: RON 14,800/month
  • Ticketing Staff: RON 4,840/month
  • Flight Attendant: RON 5,980/month
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: RON 9,320/month

Requirements: Aviation jobs have specific criteria, such as flight hours, medical certificates, and aviation-related diplomas.

Please note that to work in Romania, international applicants must apply for a European work VISA after receiving a job offer letter. Additionally, make sure to gather all the necessary VISA documents and apply for a work permit at the Romanian embassy.

Take advantage of these opportunities to start your professional journey in Romania and build a better and brighter future.

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