Unathi Nkayi on Somizi

Unathi Nkayi revealed in a recent interview the reasons behind her fallout with former friend Somizi Mhlongo. Their friendship took a different turn in 2022 when Unathi went through a divorce from Thomas Msengana.


Unathi clarified that she doesn’t hold any hatred towards Somizi, but their friendship ended because he sided with her ex-husband during the divorce.

“Thomas and I got divorced. You [Gareth Cliff] and Randall Abrahams didn’t choose sides and he did. Even when we sat on the judging table and I was professional, he was choosing sides. It was fine for him to go on boy’s trips with Thomas, but we said you don’t cross this line now. He’d come back and speak smack about me on the same reality show, so now you’re showing you’re choosing sides.” she said.

“I don’t hate him, we haven’t fought, we just don’t have a relationship because he chose sides.”

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