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Mr. Kgomo’s cheating ends in tears

The drama surrounding Mr. Kgomo’s cheating scandal seems far from over as his wife Ivy caught him at Capsys with Lizzy.

Despite earlier suspicions raised by Mantuli regarding Mr. Kgomo’s affair with Melita, Ivy had refused to believe it. However, upon discovering a woman’s bra in her husband’s luggage and witnessing his suspicious behavior, Ivy’s suspicions were confirmed.

Mr. Kgomo’s cheating ends in tears

Mr. Kgomo then received a call from Melita, who had forgotten her medication at his office. He lied to Ivy, claiming he was meeting a client, but in reality, he went to Turf hospital to collect Melita’s medication and fulfill her demand for takeaways from Capsys. While waiting for the order, Lizzy offered Mr. Kgomo a seat, and Ivy walked in on them chatting, assuming they were having dinner together.

Unfortunately, Lizzy, who was unaware of the situation, will now be seen as a homewrecker in the Kgomo household, when in reality, Melita is the one causing trouble.

The situation also affects Paxton Kgomo, who has been repeatedly bailed out of trouble by his parents. However, he may finally face consequences for his actions, particularly his physical assault on Melita. Despite the intention to scare Melita with his crew while disguised with balaclavas, Paxton lost control and caused serious injury, leading Melita to blackmail the Kgomo family for money.

On a more positive note, Paxton Kgomo, whose real name is Thabiso Molokomme, was named South Africa’s Best Actor at the Royal Soapie Awards, voted by the people. The 21-year-old actor expressed his excitement on social media, thanking God and the people of South Africa for the honor. This recognition comes a few months after he achieved 20 distinctions at the University of Johannesburg

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