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Skeem Saam Teasers: Melita & Mr Kgomo get caught by Paxton

The Skeem Saam March teasers reveal that Mr Kgomo’s (Lebohang Elephant) son Paxton will find out about his affair with his receptionist Melita. The teasers also reveal that his wife Mrs Kgomo (Molobane Maja Mbatha) will confront him when rumours about his infidelity spread in Turfloop. 


The TVSA Skeem Saam March teasers also indicate that Paxton’s (Thabiso Molokomme) father Mr Kgomo will lose his cool when Melita (Hellen Motsuki) cheats on him with a wealthy business from Polokwane. 


Skeem Saam Teasers: Melita & Mr Kgomo get caught by Paxton. Khwezikazi, a central character in the ongoing drama series, is steadfast in keeping Lehasa locked up. On the other hand, Pretty is prepared to intervene on Lehasa’s behalf. Meanwhile, Mr. Kgomo manages to resist temptation, while Rathebe is given a warm welcome by Jacobeth, which is in stark contrast to Babeile’s reception.

Skeem Saam Teasers: Melita & Mr Kgomo get caught by Paxton

As the series continues, Khwezikazi is determined to establish a traditional family structure, while Pretty visits Lehasa in jail. Babeile’s animosity towards Rathebe continues to escalate, making her life in Turf difficult. Meanwhile, Mr. Kgomo is harsh on Melita, and Baby Maphosa faces a difficult moment, but the young fighter manages to pull through.

Skeem Saam Teasers: Melita & Mr Kgomo get caught by Paxton

Melita, who is struggling in her job, makes a bold move on her boss in an attempt to find a solution to her problems. The newly appointed Sergeant in town is dedicated to solving all of the unresolved cases in Turf. Lehasa is frustrated when he learns he is a father, and Melita is ready to take a risk, but her mystery lover throws a wrench into her plans.

Lehasa makes a demand of Khwezikazi that makes her furious, while the Kgomos celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special dinner. Rathebe hits a nerve when her suspicions lead her straight to Babeile’s home. Lehasa has an emotional encounter with someone, and a hospital employee fears for her job. Pretty struggles to adjust to her new reality.

Lehasa’s happiness is cut short by a gift from an enemy, and tensions rise between an employee and her superior at Turf Hospital. Khwezikazi decides to make peace with her adversary, and a young lawyer is in for a rough first day at work. Mr. Kgomo is caught in a lie by his wife, and Rathebe begins to make connections in a closed murder case.

Pretty closes the door on Lehasa, while Sergeant Tsheola betrays Rathebe. Melita is rewarded for her advice on relationships, and Mr. Kgomo has a secret rendezvous with his lover. Lehasa is heartbroken to learn that he has been blocked by the woman he loves. Pax, who desires to go to Johannesburg, ends up in the trunk of a car he has no business being in, and Lehasa decides to cut ties with someone close to him.

When Mr. Kgomo and Pax return to Turf, tempers are high. Rathebe is determined to seek justice, but her heart may lead her in another direction. Khwezikazi pressures Lehasa to establish a traditional family, and Pax is forced to confess to his actions. The tension between Lehasa and his nemesis continues, while Alfred is shocked to learn that a police officer is on to him.

The drama series continues to captivate audiences with its unpredictable twists and turns, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. With each episode, the characters’ relationships and motivations are further explored, making for a compelling and entertaining viewing experience. Image Source: Google

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