T-Bose leaves skeem saam

The popular soapie ‘Skeem Saam’ on SABC1 responded to concerns about actor Hungani Ndlovu, who portrays Tbose Maputla, leaving the show. Viewers were left upset when Tbose’s character departed Turfloop after reconciling with his wife, making amends with his family, and taking a flight to Johannesburg.

The reason for his departure remains uncertain, with speculation among fans about whether he went back to Singapore or left for Cape Town due to work commitments.

Some fans expressed disappointment about the change in Tbose’s character, feeling that just as they were getting used to him as a “Mr. Nice guy,” he left the show. Others shared their fondness for the character, hoping he would return soon.

Viewers are also curious about the fate of Tbose’s relationship with Mapitsi, speculating that they might need their own space in the future to avoid the challenges faced by other characters who lived with their in-laws.

Despite the uncertainty, the show’s producers have confirmed that Tbose’s departure is not permanent, offering comfort to devoted fans eagerly awaiting his return.

@lulumyakayaka, a fan, tweeted, “Is Tbose leaving for good?” and the soap star said, “He’ll be back.”

Tbose, Ndlovu’s character, left Turfloop after reconciling with his wife, making apologies with his family, and taking a flight in Johannesburg.

In the episode, Mapitsi revealed that she’s going to miss her husband and that six months is a long time to be without him.

Viewers of the soapie are also unsure if the popular character has gone back to Singapore or has gone to Cape Town for work.

@emily_teffoME: “They changed Tbose’s script to Mr Nice guy and just when we were getting used to him, they make him leave.”

@MatshidisoBella: “Tbose came… Caused so much chaos and then rectified it and now he’s leaving? Arg. Imma miss him. He better be back soon!”

@basetsanaMotau_: “Tbose okare oya cape Town ko sugar mama ya gaye Jill.” (Tbose is going to Cape Town to his sugar mama Jill).

@purple01leopard: “If I’m wrong and Tbose and Mapitsi make it, they’ll need their own house like their next breath. Living with the in-laws did damage to Leeto and Mokgadi that the double storey couldn’t repair. But anyway, what’s for dinner?”

Skeem Saam has assured fans of the soapie that actor Hungani Ndlovu’s, who plays the role of Tbose Maputla hasn’t left for good.

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