Tbose reacts to Romeo’s skeem saam debut

Skeem Saam’s decision to replace Cornet Mamabolo in the role of Thabo Matlutla has sparked mixed reactions among the show’s loyal viewers. Many were left wondering why Mamabolo was not returning and what had transpired between him and the production team. Viewers eagerly awaited Mamabolo’s response, hoping for clarity on the situation.

Tbose reacts to Romeo's skeem saam
Tbose reacts to Romeo’s skeem saam

After a period of silence, Mamabolo finally broke his silence in a tweet, dispelling rumors of any animosity. He emphasized the importance of taking risks in the acting profession and encouraged his replacement, Hungwane Ndlovu, to play the role with enthusiasm. Mamabolo’s words reassured fans that there was no ill will involved.

Tbose reacts to Romeo's skeem saam
Tbose reacts to Romeo’s skeem saam

While some of the show’s loyal viewers expressed their unhappiness about Mamabolo’s departure, as he had been with the show since its inception, others eagerly anticipated Ndlovu’s portrayal of the character. They were curious to see how he would bring a fresh perspective and potentially elevate the show to new heights.

Ndlovu’s debut on Skeem Saam attracted millions of viewers, and his name even trended on social media platforms. His previous role as Romeo Medupe on the popular show Scandal has established him as one of South Africa’s most talented actors. Fans hope that the directors will effectively utilize his skills to enhance the show’s quality.

Canadian Provinces With High Employment Opportunities in 2023
Canadian Provinces With High Employment Opportunities in 2023

Canadian Provinces With High Employment Opportunities in 2023

As per the statistical data of employment rates observed in all Canadian provinces in 2022, several provinces stand out as offering great job opportunities for skilled workers in 2023. Here are the provinces where it is easy to find jobs:

1. Quebec – Employment Ratio: 2.3%

Quebec witnessed over 64,000 new job opportunities in 2022, resulting in an employment ratio of above 2.3%.

2. Ontario – Employment Ratio: 5.4%

In Ontario, the employment rate increased by 1.4% with around 42,000 job openings. The cumulative employment ratio reached approximately 5.5%.

3. Alberta – Unemployment Ratio: 5.8%

Although the rate of employment decreased by 5.8% in Alberta, our research indicates a 1.7-point decline in the hiring rate.

4. British Columbia – Rate of Unemployment: 6.9%

British Columbia witnessed the hiring of over two million workers in the past two years. The province faced a 4.2% unemployment ratio but experienced a 6.9% growth in the rate of employment, as reported by Statistics Canada.

5. Newfoundland and Labrador – Ratio of Employment in 2022: 5.6%

According to the labor force survey data of 2022, Newfoundland and Labrador province provided around 6,900 new job positions, resulting in a 5.6% increase in employment.

6. Saskatchewan – Employment Ratio: 5.6%

In Saskatchewan, job offers increased by 4,200, and the unemployment rate remained at 4.1%.

Canadian Province with Highest Availability of Jobs in 2023

The top four provinces with the most job vacancies expected in Canada for 2023 are Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These provinces are projected to offer a significant number of job opportunities to international skilled workers compared to other provinces.

Easiest Canadian Provinces for Finding a Job Position

Saskatchewan and Alberta are considered the easiest Canadian provinces for finding job positions. These provinces offer the Occupation In-Demand immigration program and the Express Entry Immigration Program, which facilitate international job applicants in finding suitable work opportunities in Canada.

Canadian Provinces Where It is Easy to Obtain Work Permit

If you are wondering where in Canada it is easier to obtain a Canadian work permit, we have identified two provinces: Ontario and New Brunswick.

  • Ontario: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) and favorable immigration rules make it relatively easier to find employment in this province.
  • New Brunswick: The Critical Worker Immigration Program in New Brunswick simplifies the job-hunting process for candidates in 2023.

However, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for a work permit in Canada before applying. APPLY HERE

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