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Coming up next on Skeem Saam March 2023

Skeem Saam fans are in for an exciting March 2023, as the popular South African soap opera promises to deliver more suspense, drama, and plot twists. Here is a breakdown of what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

Fans of the show are already speculating on what might come up next on Skeem Saam in the next month. (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

Coming up next on Skeem Saam March 2023

Below is what is going to happen in the Sopaie Opera:

Episode 173 (Wednesday, March 1, 2023)

In episode 173, Pax connects some dots that make Mr. Kgomo freak out, and Babeile rubs salt onto Sergeant Tsheola’s wound. Meanwhile, Nokuthula says goodbye to the City of Gold.

Episode 174 (Thursday, March 2, 2023)

Mr. Kgomo and his son are at loggerheads, and Rathebe has everyone shaking in Turf. Lehasa considers moving on from an ex.

Episode 175 (Friday, March 3, 2023)

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In episode 175, a secret love affair hangs by a thread when one of the lovers makes a damning threat to save their livelihood. Alfred and Jacobeth are also at loggerheads, this time over the new cop in town. Khwezikazi and Lehasa bond with Baby LJ and make some small inroads.

Episode 176 (Monday, March 6, 2023)

Mrs. Kgomo demands to know the truth from Mr. Kgomo. Lehasa and Khwezikazi seal it with a kiss. Charles catches Alfred and Rathebe red-handed.

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Episode 177 (Tuesday, March 7, 2023)

Pax takes the Melita matter into his own hands, and Jacobeth crosses the line with Rathebe. Francois is excited about an upcoming business workshop but is disturbed by Koloi’s forwardness.

Episode 178 (Wednesday, March 8, 2023)

Melita remains a thorn in the Kgomo household, inciting havoc for both young and old. Francois and Kat are ready to improve their businesses after the workshop. Alfred offers Rathebe a place to rent.

Episode 179 (Thursday, March 9, 2023)

Mr. Kgomo is shaken by rumors about him, and he threatens to send an ex-convict back to prison. Jacobeth is surprised to learn that her former tenant has taken up residence in her arch-enemy’s home. Koloi might have shot himself in the foot but doesn’t even realize it.

Episode 180 (Friday, March 10, 2023)

In episode 180, Mr. Kgomo can’t seem to stay away from the forbidden fruit, and the livestock case takes a nasty turn. Koloi’s bubble is burst when Francois announces the new schedule.

Episode 181 (Monday, March 13, 2023)

Pax overhears his father talking to someone on the phone, and this makes his blood boil. Rathebe rubs Babeile up the wrong way, and Francois is not impressed with one of his employees.

Episode 182 (Tuesday, March 14, 2023)

Melita’s sins visit her in the form of an angry teenager and his crew, and Dragon forces Leeto back into his lawyer’s gown to prove a point. Francois is not so sure about Koloi at Level and is impelled to be assertive.

Episode 183 (Wednesday, March 15, 2023)

Pax freaks out when he learns that his violent ways might land him in jail. Leeto has a win in court that inadvertently garners an unwanted bond with Dragon. Francois starts to grow suspicious of Koloi.

Episode 184 – Thursday 16 March 2023

In episode 184 of Skeem Saam, Mrs Kgomo makes a shocking discovery in her husband’s luggage. Rathebe’s good deeds end up being punished when she receives a warning about someone’s wife. Koloi steps on more than just Francois’ toes at Level.

Episode 185 – Friday 17 March 2023

In episode 185, Mrs Kgomo misunderstands the owner of a bra, leading to a series of events. Dragon’s suspicions are confirmed when someone is seen being friendly with the law. Rose encourages Koloi to improve or face the consequences.

Episode 186 – Monday 20 March 2023

In episode 186, Mrs Kgomo storms the former Principal’s house and causes chaos. Turfloop is shaken by devastating news concerning one of Dragon’s men. Koloi’s attempts to impress end up in disappointment.

Episode 187 – Tuesday 21 March 2023

In episode 187, Mr Kgomo uses reverse psychology on Mrs Kgomo. Rathebe drops a bombshell on Babeile, while the Maputlas celebrate their patriarch’s birthday.

Episode 188 – Wednesday 22 March 2023

In episode 188, Mr Kgomo and Mrs Kgomo make peace. Rathebe bids farewell to Turf, and Lewatle is disappointed by a boy who won’t give her the attention she wants.

Episode 189 – Thursday 23 March 2023

In episode 189, Melita catches the eye of a prominent businessman from Polokwane. A discovery is made about Bethuel’s death that causes unrest at Bazaruto. Alfred challenges Evelyn when she questions him.

Episode 190 – Friday 24 March 2023

In episode 190, someone sets their sights on a former beauty queen, and Obed is not happy about it. Dragon panics when he is accused of being responsible for someone’s death. Ntswaki’s parents pay a surprise visit and disrupt her plans.

Episode 191 – Monday 27 March 2023

In episode 191, the most feared man in Turf is arrested. Melita appears to be slipping away from Mr Kgomo’s obsessive grip. Ntswaki is saved from trouble, thanks to Alfred.

Episode 192 – Tuesday 28 March 2023

In episode 192, Leeto is caught up in a dangerous web of lies, deceit, and a possible murder. A mistress’ expensive gift ends up in the hands of the wife. Ntswaki is disappointed when her plans are foiled.

Episode 193 – Wednesday 29 March 2023

In episode 193, Melita snubs Mr Kgomo in a terrible way. Babeile is determined to find evidence to keep Dragon behind bars. The swimming pool party is the talk of Turf High.

Episode 194 – Thursday 30 March 2023

In episode 194, a man proposes an unbelievable amount of money to his concubine. Dragon is furious after discovering he’s been betrayed by a certain lawyer. There’s a spark between a boy from Joburg and a Turf girl.

Episode 195 – Friday 31 March 2023

In episode 195, Dragon arrives at Bazaruto with a surprising revelation. Lewatle is left feeling like the fifth wheel, and it’s not a pleasant experience.

Skeem Saam airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

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