Skeem Saam fans speak on the new T-Bose, Hungani Ndlovu

Yesterday marked a highly anticipated evening for many Skeem Saam fans as Hungani Ndlovu finally debuted on the popular SABC1 educational drama. The multi-talented actor, dancer, and YouTuber has been cast in the role of Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla, previously portrayed by Cornet Mamabolo, who took a break from the show in 2021.

Replacing the original actor of a beloved character often comes with criticism, and Hungani faced his fair share of skeptics when he announced his role as Tbose. As he is widely recognized for his portrayal of Romeo Medupe in Scandal!, viewers tend to associate him with certain character types. Some doubted whether he would fit into the world of Skeem Saam, where Sepedi is the primary language.

Skeem Saam fans speak on the new T-Bose, Hungani Ndlovu

Skeem Saam fans speak on the new T-Bose, Hungani Ndlovu

Skeem Saam fans speak on the new T-Bose, Hungani Ndlovu

Addressing the naysayers, Hungani acknowledged that it would take time to let go of the comparisons between him and Cornet.

Skeem Saam fans speak on the new T-Bose, Hungani Ndlovu

He acknowledged Cornet’s incredible job in building and crafting the character and assured viewers that he would bring a fresh perspective and a new dimension to Tbose.

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