SK Khoza’s Paternity Questioned as Fans Urge DNA Test on Light-Skinned Child

SK Khoza’s Paternity Questioned as Fans Urge DNA Test on Light-Skinned Child

In a recent turn of events, popular actor SK Khoza, renowned for his role in the television series “The Queen,” finds himself embroiled in a legal battle with his baby mama, Lee-Anne Mokopo, affectionately known as “Gogo Maweni.” The main bone of contention in this dispute is the demand for child maintenance for their son.

However, the situation takes an intriguing twist as fans begin to question the child’s paternity due to the stark difference in skin complexion between Khoza and the child.

Gogo Maweni, a controversial sangoma and reality TV star, has expressed her frustration with Khoza’s alleged failure to provide financial support for their child throughout the years. She cannot comprehend why, now that he is gainfully employed once again, he is unwilling to fulfill his parental responsibilities.

In an exclusive interview with ZiMoja, Maweni emphasizes her financial independence, boasting of three properties, a collection of cars, and prosperous herbal stores—all acquired with cash.

She asserts that her self-sufficiency does not absolve Khoza of his obligation to contribute to their child’s upbringing.

Given his current employment status, she firmly believes that he should fulfill his duty as a responsible father. No longer willing to engage in futile complaints, she intends to pursue legal action, equipped with the financial means to hire a competent lawyer.

Maweni stresses the importance of abiding by the law, emphasizing that no supernatural interventions, such as muthi, are required to hold Khoza accountable for his responsibilities.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Gogo Maweni has found herself in a legal battle over child maintenance. Previously, she sought legal recourse against Siyabonga Zulu, a former Mamelodi Sundowns soccer player and one of her other baby daddies.

Allegedly, when Zulu failed to fulfill his financial obligations, Maweni resorted to supernatural means, claiming to have used muthi to inflict misfortune upon the soccer player. She recalls with a touch of pride how she confronted the situation and triumphed over her ex-partner’s negligence.

As Maweni recounts, Zulu took advantage of her generosity, using her car, occupying her house, and even squandering a substantial amount of money, totaling R45,000, in a nightclub. Despite her efforts to support him during his unemployment, Zulu’s character underwent a disheartening transformation, leading to infidelity and subsequent relationship breakdown.

In light of the child maintenance issue, Gogo Maweni consulted her legal representative on January 23, 2023, signaling her commitment to pursuing a resolution through legal channels. It remains to be seen how this complex situation will unfold, as both parties brace themselves for a potential legal battle that could significantly impact their lives.

Amidst these legal and financial struggles, SK Khoza has experienced a resurgence in his acting career. The talented actor has landed a prominent role in Netflix’s highly anticipated series, “Kings of Joburg,” where he portrays the character of Cyrus Khuzwayo, a ruthless criminal. This opportunity serves as a testament to Khoza’s acting prowess and reaffirms his status as a versatile performer.

Furthermore, he has reclaimed his role as Shaka Khoza in “The Queen,” having faced a setback with the loss of his previous employment on the telenovela. Demonstrating his versatility once again, Khoza has also secured a role in the risqué and provocative telenovela, “Black Door,” where he portrays the character Sabelo Cele.

As fans eagerly anticipate these forthcoming performances, an undercurrent of doubt emerges within the public sphere regarding the paternity of SK Khoza’s child. Observant viewers have pointed out the noticeable difference in skin tone between the actor and his son, leading to speculation that the child may not be biologically related to Khoza.

Such concerns have prompted fervent appeals from fans, urging Khoza to undergo a DNA test to definitively establish the child’s parentage.

While these allegations remain unverified and solely based on physical appearance, the impact of this uncertainty on the individuals involved cannot be ignored. The potential revelation of a mismatched biological connection could significantly alter the dynamics of the ongoing legal battle and personal relationships.

As the legal proceedings unfold and the public eagerly awaits further developments, the challenges faced by SK Khoza and Gogo Maweni shine a spotlight on the complexities of parental responsibilities and the consequences of neglecting them. The story serves as a reminder that financial stability does not absolve one from fulfilling their obligations as a parent.

While the specter of doubt looms over the child’s paternity, it is crucial to approach such matters with sensitivity, empathy, and respect for the individuals involved. Ultimately, the truth will prevail, and the resolution of this legal dispute will determine the future of SK Khoza’s relationship with his child and Gogo Maweni’s pursuit of financial support.

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