This won’t end well; Leaked voice clip of Sjava’s side chick Lady Zamar leaves many in doubt

An undated viral screengrab on Twitter has sparked a heated debate as followers of Sjava and Zamar contend over rape allegations made by Zamar last year. The clip features Sjava and Zamar arguing. Lady Zamar emphasized her desire for attention from her former partner.

The hashtag #JusticeForSjava trended with Sjava’s supporters questioning Zamar’s account, highlighting discrepancies in the leaked voice clip. Bhuti SFK Sithole pointed out Zamar’s interactions with Sjava in 2018, casting doubt on her accusations.

She claimed Sjava se.xually violated her at the Porche Villa Hotel after performing together in 2017. Sjava, in response, denied the rape allegations, sharing his version of events in a statement issued last Wednesday.


Arturo Falaschi Short-term Fellowships 2024 | CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Exploring Arturo Falaschi Short-term Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

Are you a postdoctoral researcher seeking an enriching opportunity? The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) beckons you to apply for the Arturo Falaschi Short-term Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024. Elevate your research journey with this international fellowship that fosters collaboration and capacity-building.

Closing Date: September 30, 2023

Unlocking Collaborative Research: ICGEB Fellowship

ICGEB extends Short-term fellowships for Postdoctoral studies within ICGEB Component laboratories. These fellowships aim to foster collaborative research between scientists from ICGEB Member States and research groups at ICGEB laboratories in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India, and Cape Town, South Africa.

This program seeks to facilitate access to cutting-edge research techniques and enhance capacity-building.

Selection Process:
The ICGEB Fellowships Selection Committee will assess applications received by the deadline. Candidates will receive notification via email regarding the outcome post the application closing date. The selection criteria encompass scientific excellence of the project, qualities showcased in the candidate’s CV, and the potential benefits for their home country.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nationals of ICGEB Member States can apply.
  • Fellowship cannot be pursued in the candidate’s country of origin unless they have spent the last 3 years working abroad during the application.
  • Applicants should hold a recent PhD in Life Sciences or have at least 3 years of research experience.
  • Preference is given to candidates under 35 years of age.

Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Contribution:
Thanks to the BIOTECHNET initiative, resources are available for candidates from Ethiopia and Djibouti applying for the ICGEB Call for short-term Postdoctoral Fellowships.


  • ICGEB Trieste: No housing service, but housing options are provided.
  • ICGEB New Delhi: A Guest House is available on-campus for a nominal fee.
  • ICGEB Cape Town: Accommodation support is arranged before arrival.

Financial Support:

  • Duration: 1-6 months
  • Monthly stipend: Trieste (Italy): Euro 2,000, New Delhi (India): US$ 1,590, Cape Town (South Africa): ZAR 23,000.
  • Travel expenses to and from the ICGEB lab are covered.
  • Medical health insurance coverage.
  • Visa/permit application and renewal costs are reimbursed.

Application Process:

  • Contact an ICGEB Group Leader/PI with a motivation letter.
  • Determine availability of lab space and define a research project proposal.
  • A written statement from the willing ICGEB Group Leader is mandatory for application.

Required Documents:

  • Full CV
  • Written Statement from the ICGEB Group Leader

In Conclusion:
This fellowship opportunity opens doors to international collaborative research, skill enhancement, and capacity-building. Make sure to explore the ICGEB website for comprehensive application details and ensure you meet all requirements. A chance to enrich your postdoctoral journey awaits with the Arturo Falaschi Short-term Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024.

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