The aftermath of Siyacela and her partner’s breakup has caused a lot of negative feedback. Siyacela recently discovered that her husband, Thando, had been unfaithful and expressed his desire to marry the woman he had an affair with. This revelation led their marriage to deteriorate rapidly, with Thando admitting on a show that aired recently that he no longer loves Siyacela and sees no reason to continue a loveless marriage.

Twitter has become a platform for people to share their thoughts on the matter. Many are relieved that Thando finally had the courage to admit his true feelings, and some even express plans to leave their own unhappy relationships. Thando now realizes that Siyacela may not be the only option for him.

Beat the Blackout Friday blues by investing in smart tech

Euphoria Telecom’s Approach: No Black Friday, Consistent Pricing All Year Round

At Euphoria Telecom, we believe in providing our customers with the best pricing for our solutions throughout the year, rejecting the Black Friday discount model.

Electricity Provider’s Blackout Friday: High Prices, No Budget Relief

While Euphoria Telecom takes a different approach, our electricity provider seems to offer “Blackout Friday” all year, burdening customers with high prices that don’t fit anyone’s budget.

CEO John Woollam’s Tips for Technology Investments in Challenging Times

Facing the challenges of Blackout Friday and other days, our CEO John Woollam shares valuable tips on making technology investments to sustain businesses through light and dark times.

Technology Solutions for SMEs: Weathering the Storm

Woollam suggests leveraging on-demand services like cloud computing, VoIP telephony, and solar by subscription to help SMEs weather the storm and stay operational without significant upfront capital investments.

On-Demand Computing Power: Embracing Cloud Computing

Cloud computing grants SMEs on-demand access to essential services without the need for upfront hardware or software investments. Office productivity suites, ERP systems, and more can be accessed from anywhere with a laptop, login, and internet connection, allowing flexibility and scalability.

Solar by Subscription: Essential Backup Power

Considering Eskom’s challenges, solar solutions have become crucial. Solar by subscription or rent-to-own solar options provide fully-functional systems with grid connectivity, enabling users to feed power back into the grid once regulations permit.

VoIP Telephony: Enabling Flexible Working Practices

VoIP telephony offers flexibility by allowing users to login via laptops or smartphones with browser-based softphones or mobile apps. Employees, including call center staff, can work from home or any location with power and internet access, ensuring business continuity.

Embracing Flexible Working Practices

Flexible working not only helps in challenging situations but also expands the talent pool and attracts new hires. IT specialists and critical skills can be hired from diverse locations, making the company more appealing to potential candidates.

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