Lindiwe opens up about kissing Nhlamulo on Scandal

Nomvelo Makhanya, known for her role as Lindiwe Ngwena on Scandal!, discussed her off-screen relationship with co-star Mathews Rantsoma, who plays Nhlamulo Maseko. Despite their characters’ intense romance on the show, shooting those scenes was not always easy, especially since both actors have real-life partners. Nomvelo mentioned offering Mathews breath mints due to his bad breath during intimate scenes.

Mathews admitted that he is different from his character and often faced misconceptions from fans expecting the same level of romance. Despite this, Nomvelo and Mathews maintained a strong friendship and professionalism while portraying their characters.

Their off-screen connection and shared history laid a solid foundation for their on-screen chemistry. They overcame the challenges of intimate scenes and bad breath through their understanding and friendship, delivering compelling performances.

Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship in 2023

European countries offer a wide range of employment opportunities with visa sponsorship for foreign workers. These jobs are available in various industries such as technology, finance, hospitality, and healthcare. Visa sponsorship means that the employer will support the employee’s visa application and cover the associated costs, allowing them to legally work and live in Europe.

Here are some reasons why you should consider working in Europe:

  1. Standard of Living: Europe ranks highly in terms of quality of life, with factors like life expectancy, water and air quality, disposable income, employment, and education taken into account.
  2. Work-Life Balance: European countries generally prioritize work-life balance, allowing for reasonable work hours and ensuring employees have time for activities outside of work.
  3. Time to Explore: Europe offers a diverse range of experiences, from historic towns with charming buildings and canals to UNESCO World Heritage sites like Kinderdijk. Major cities like Amsterdam provide a mix of culture, food, art, and atmosphere.

Here are some European countries that offer visa sponsorships:

Austria: Use the EURES portal to search for visa sponsorship jobs in Austria.

Belgium: Check out “Relocation Jobs” on the Relocate me website for jobs in Belgium with visa sponsorship. VISIT THE WEBSITE

Ireland: The Irish economy has skills shortages in areas like business, finance, accounting, and risk and compliance professionals.

Netherlands: The Dutch government has announced over 10,000 visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands. Visit:  Visa sponsor jobs in Netherland

Denmark: The Danish government is actively seeking workers from around the world for over 2,000 visa sponsorship jobs. VISIT HERE TO APPLY 

Sweden: Use the EURES portal to find visa sponsorship jobs in Sweden and other European countries. Visit

Germany: There are over 8,000 visa sponsorship job vacancies available in Germany in 2023. Use the EURES portal to search for these opportunities. Visit:

Other platforms where you can find visa sponsorship jobs in Europe include SimplyHired and specific country job portals like Switzerland.

Remember to research the specific requirements and availability of visa sponsorship in each country and industry before applying for any job.

Working in Europe with visa sponsorship can provide valuable skills, networking opportunities, and a high standard of living. Stay updated on job opportunities as new positions may arise throughout the year. Good luck with your job search!

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