DJ Sbu’s Appearance Sparks Social Media Trolling Amidst Ongoing Royalty Allegations and Zahara’s Passing

In recent weeks, Mofaya founder DJ Sbu has found himself at the center of social media discussions due to his unkempt appearance. The scrutiny intensified as unresolved royalty allegations, involving DJ Sbu and former co-executive TK Nciza, were brought to light by the late singer Zahara.

A viral picture of DJ Sbu sporting a disheveled poncho and untidy dreadlocks during an episode of his podcast, “Hustler’s Corner,” featuring an interview with MacG and Sol, fueled the Twitterati’s trolling spree. Some drew parallels between DJ Sbu and American rappers Jay Z and J Cole, while others speculated about a connection between Zahara’s ancestors and DJ Sbu’s appearance, suggesting a link to the ongoing feud.

The discord between Zahara and DJ Sbu traces back to accusations of exploitation against the record label executives at TS Records. Zahara, alleging non-receipt of royalties for her acclaimed debut album, “Loliwe,” confronted DJ Sbu and TK Nciza. Last year, DJ Sbu refuted these claims on Twitter, asserting that Zahara’s money had always reached her. Zahara countered, accusing him of falsehoods and claiming her music was being sold without her knowledge.

Despite Zahara’s recent passing, DJ Sbu took to social media to share memories of the singer, emphasizing the shared moments from collaboration to winning awards. During an interview on Cooking365, he denied the allegations, expressing grief over Zahara’s untimely death and addressing public scrutiny, stating, “People might be mad and might want to find somebody to blame… It’s OK, let’s be angry, let’s be sad. Let’s mourn.”

DJ Sbu reaffirmed his commitment to weather the storm and not unfairly benefit from anyone. Reflecting on his journey, he asserted, “I built myself from nothing, I’ve never sought an opportunity to benefit from someone or try to take somebody else’s money. When I met Zahara, I was already rich; I could never take a single cent of Zahara’s money.”

As the controversy unfolds, DJ Sbu navigates public opinion, standing firm on his principles. The social media storm around his appearance intertwines with the unresolved royalty allegations, creating a complex narrative amidst emotional tributes to Zahara.

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