‘God took me by surprise’ — Innocent Sadiki

South African actress and preacher, Innocent Sadiki, renowned for her role in “Skeem Saam” and co-founding the Christian ministry Church By The Valley with her husband Phindulo Sadiki, has been taken by surprise as she steps into a new role.

On September 3, Innocent will assume the position of senior pastor at a new branch of Church By The Valley, a move unexpected even by her. Sharing the news on her Instagram, she humbly recounted meeting President Cyril Ramaphosa and expressed gratitude for the unexpected divine calling.

Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities 2024: Unlock Your Study Abroad Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative study abroad experience? Look no further than the Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for 2024. Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree, Erasmus+ provides a golden chance to not only study abroad but also engage in enriching traineeships.

What Does Erasmus+ Offer?

Erasmus+ extends its support to international students throughout their entire period of studying abroad, whether in an Erasmus+ Programme country or a Partner country. This opportunity is a gateway to enhancing your job prospects, language skills, self-confidence, independence, and cultural awareness. The Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities include various avenues for growth:

  1. Traineeships Abroad: Erasmus+ backs traineeships, work placements, and internships abroad for students and recent graduates enrolled in higher education in Programme or Partner countries. This hands-on experience lets you apply your academic skills to real-world situations, boosting your employability.
  2. Studying Abroad: Erasmus+ makes studying abroad a breeze. It’s not just about academics – it’s about enhancing your communication, language, and intercultural skills while gaining highly valued soft skills that employers seek.

Eligibility and Requirements

To make the most of Erasmus+ opportunities, you must be registered in a higher education institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree or tertiary-level qualification. For those in the first cycle, being at least in the second year of studies is required. Your study abroad period must be relevant to your degree-related learning and personal development needs, integrated into your study program.

Financial Support and More

Erasmus+ provides financial support in the form of grants to assist with travel and subsistence costs. The amount may vary based on factors like living costs, the number of applicants, distance between countries, and grant availability. Special support is available for traineeships, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those from outermost Programme countries or regions.

How to Apply

To seize these incredible opportunities, apply through your higher education institution’s international or Erasmus+ office. The selection process is fair and transparent, as applicants are chosen by their sending institutions. You can apply for a scholarship for a Joint Master program or an EU-guaranteed student loan to fund your study journey.

Elevate your education, broaden your horizons, and enrich your life with Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for 2024. For more information and application details, visit the official website now. Your transformative study abroad journey awaits!

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

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