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Zimbabwe Takes Over South African Popular Drama, House Of Zwide  

An episode of the drama series House of Zwide went viral, and in it, one of the actresses prayed in the Shona language. As a result, online Zimbabweans are overjoyed.

In order to appeal to the Zimbabwean audience, a number of South African production houses are beginning to incorporate the Shona language into a variety of soap operas.

They have accomplished this goal either by including lines spoken in Shona or by recruiting actors and actresses from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Takes Over South African Popula Drama, House Of Zwide  

Mluleki Moyo was brought on board by DiepCity while Scandal! Jerome Galiao was cast as Dr. Nyasha Mugari after being hired for the role.

A scene from House of Zwide that has gone viral shows Winnie Ntshaba’s character, Faith Zwide, consulting with and receiving assistance from a faith healer.

In the scene, Faith is seen requesting assistance from a healer while she is seated in a shrine. After that, a ghost walks into the room and stands off to the side, but Faith is unable to see it.

The healer is able to see the ghost and can tell that the spirit is enraged, indicating that Faith must have caused the spirit significant harm.

The Zwide Shona Family Home

The tension in the atmosphere prompts the healer to begin praying, and they say:

Muzita raBaba nere Mwanakomana nere Mweya Mutsvene. Tumira ngirozi dzako baba.

(In the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord, and the Holy Spirit.) Father, please send your angels.)

The scene brought a smile to the face of many Zimbabweans. Have a look at their responses down below.


Regardless of how they feel about it, South Africa is our Second Republic, not the current one that we are participating in.


The majority of South African police always greet each other in Shona, which is written as zvirisei Mkoma.


It looks like tongues to me, but I could be wrong. Similar to how the characters in Vampire Diaries sometimes use Latin. They ought to grant us Mpumalanga or a single province and name it Mabvuku, explaining to us that the name means “Peace.”


In the years to come, Shona will be recognized as an official language. However, they do not wish to hear that explanation of how migration occurs.


Diepcity, it’s even worse. In each and every episode, Gedi is heard speaking in Shona.

The second season of House of Zwide is focused entirely on bringing Busi some form of closure and justice. Faith Zwide is on the verge of losing everything, including her daughter, who is making preparations to permanently relocate to London now that she has made the decision to leave the country. She has also ended her relationship with Sandile because she does not intend to return in the foreseeable future.

In the first season, Faith was able to get away with all of her nefarious deeds without getting caught. This time around, the ghost will force her to pay for what she’s done. Faith has been tormented by Busi’s ghost, and it is because of this that she has admitted to killing Busi, even though she maintains that it was in self-defense that she did so.

Despite this, there are a few things that people have noticed about the ghost in the House of Zwide.

  1. She can communicate in English.

Because Busi is an African name, people would naturally assume that she can communicate in an African language. Despite this, her fans continue to be amazed by the fact that her ghost can speak English.

  1. She is pleasant to talk to.

The only reason the ghost is still there is so that she can get justice for herself. People have observed that the ghost behaves in an overly friendly manner. Faith is only scared by her erratic visits, but because she is so friendly, it’s possible that she was just trying to trick Faith into thinking that she cares about her. We have witnessed violent ghosts attacking people and causing a great deal of damage, but the ghost of Busi has never been seen acting in such a manner.

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