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Wiseman Mncube reveals why he left Uzalo

Wiseman Mncube has just revealed that he will be returning to Uzalo in the near future. After his unexpected exit from the show, many viewers believed that he would never work in television again, but it now appears that this won’t be the case.

Because he was going to appear in another telenovela called “The Wife,” the plot of this show had to be put on hold while he made the transition. His hands would have been full with that, so he would have been forced to make a decision.

Wiseman Mncube reveals why he left Uzalo

Fortunately, the directors and producers of Uzalo understood that staying for The Wife would cause him to develop further his career than it already has. He would have been forced to make a decision if he hadn’t stayed for The Wife.

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Wiseman added that one of the reasons he left was to concentrate on the role because he felt that he needed to give it his all and that was one of the reasons he decided to leave. After all, taking on the persona of another, particularly one who was as illustrious and well-liked as Bonko Khoza, was not easy for him, and it has not been easy for him.

On the other hand, he did mention that he will go back to Uzalo in 2023 at some point, but he did not give a specific date. It makes sense that he would return to the show the year after that given that his wife is currently filming the show’s final season, which will come to an end in the near future. He stated that he would return. To our good fortune, he will have a contingency plan.

According to what has been disclosed, Uzalo is currently dismissing actors left and right and center. Not only that, but a good number of them are also leaving the show without giving any notice, which is not a good sign for the program, which is one of the most viewed in Mzansi. As a direct consequence of this, a significant number of his followers on Instagram and Twitter started assuming that he had been dismissed from his job.

He had an outstanding performance in the part of Sibonelo on Uzalo, who was the son of Nkunzi, a notorious criminal who operated in the town of KwaMashu. They seemed to have the best chemistry as father and son on screen, and they were a force to be reckoned with. Masoja Msizi (Nkunzi) and Wiseman Mncube were a duo to reckon with. His return is something that the SABC audience cannot wait to see.

The fact that Mqhele plays a role in The Wife does not phase Wiseman Mncube in the least.

The Wife is a Showmax original series that South Africans love to hate, and award-winning actor Wiseman Mncube is prepared to step into the shoes of Bonko Khoza as Mqhele in the upcoming third season of the series. It will make its debut on Thursday.

Mncube stated that the new difficulty did not faze him in any way.

After Khoza departed from the show two months ago, he was chosen to replace Mqhele in the role. Mncube stated that he was looking forward to the challenge that this presented.

Because Mqhele is a part that Bonko previously played and people liked him for, I am excited, but I can also say that I am experiencing mixed emotions because of this. It is not an easy task to take someone else’s place given that now people are watching to see how I will do and that he has devoted followers. On the other hand, as an actor, it pushes me to the limit, which I enjoy doing since I thrive on challenges that force me to step outside of my comfort zone.

The recipient of the Saft Award stated that he did not feel any pressure to succeed Khoza in his role.

“I usually tell people that the reason I am here is to execute the job for which I was employed. I felt the pressure that it would be better if maybe I obtained a new role, but I was thrilled by the welcome I received when it was revealed that I would be taking over as the new Mqhele. This not only provides me with the inspiration to keep going, but it also demonstrates that other people appreciate the job that I do; it is reassurance that I am succeeding.

Furthermore, it does not put any pressure on me to perform as Bonko. I will focus on the areas in which I excel, and then I will proceed.

Mncube remarked that working with people he knew made his time on set a joyous experience. “Shooting has been going really well. I am getting better with each passing day, and I have no complaints about my development thus far. To my good fortune, I am acquainted with members of both the actors and the crew. They are individuals with whom I have previously collaborated.

Mncube responded that he and Khoza had not met or spoken since he had begun appearing in the Showmax series when he was asked if Khoza had been assisting him in settling comfortably into the part.

I always say that we mirror what we read in the script, so reading Mqhele’s lines and acting out his role did not present too much of a barrier for us. Mqhele has a short fuse, struggles with anger management, and is quick to pull the trigger.

Bonko deserves praise for his performance as the character since he did him credit. When I read the screenplay, I could see that Mqhele was insane; so, I do what I need to do even though I know it’s wrong.

According to him, Mqhele was not all that dissimilar to Sbonelo, one of his characters in Uzalo. “When I look at Mqhele and Sbonelo, I see the same person. They are similar in that they are obstinate and violent. As a result, when I read the screenplay, I could not get my head off of Sbonelo. Therefore, I had to make a distinction and avoid taking Mqhele with me to Uzalo and vice versa.

In conclusion, the actor stated that individuals should be gentler with him once season 3 got underway. He let everyone know that they should be watching SABC1’s Uzalo for his return very soon.

In addition, he will appear in the 2023 debut of the Netflix drama Shaka Ilembe and in the 2018 release of the drama The Valley of a Thousand Hills.

The characters of Naledi and Qhawe, played by Gaisang Noge and Kwenzo Ngcobo, respectively, will take center stage during the third season of The Wife.

Showmax held a launch event that was attended by a number of notable people, including Stoan Seate, Motsoaledi Setumo, Thapelo Aphiri, and veteran actor Sello Motloung. During the event, they introduced new cast members.

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