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Teasers for the upcoming episode of ‘Scandal!’ that aired on TVSA in October suggest that Jojo will betray Mbali and forgive Winnie, allowing her to move back into the mansion.

This coming Friday on’s Scandal, Jojo is going to choose his baby mama and her sister, Winnie, over his wife, Mbali, and she is about to go through the worst heartbreak of her life as a result!



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MzansiWatch asserts that Mbali will become enraged if her husband gives preference to Winnie, the woman who was responsible for the birth of their son, rather than to her. This is going to happen as a result of Jojo coming to the realization that he needs to act in a way that is beneficial to his son.


When he found out that Mbali had helped Winnie rape him so that she could become pregnant with his child even though Mbali was unable to conceive, he kicked Winnie and Mbali out of the house on the episode that aired on Monday, October 3.

According to the publication, his son’s biological mother will be returning to the Kubeka mansion on October 7th, which is this coming Friday.

“Jojo arrives at the conclusion that a child can never leave without their mother after speaking with Dudu, and as a result, he decides to act in a way that is in the best interests of the child.”

It is speculated that Jojo will not abandon Mbali for Winnie and will not press rape charges against the sisters after giving the matter significant thought.

After 2022, the government of South Africa does not intend to continue providing free DNA testing contrary to social media rumours

According to a number of posts that can be found on Facebook and Twitter in South Africa, the government will allegedly begin providing free DNA tests in state clinics and hospitals beginning in June of 2022. However, this assertion is not true; the national health department has debunked the rumors as an elaborate hoax.

After 2022, the government of South Africa does not intend to continue providing free DNA testing contrary to social media rumours

A Facebook post stating that “DNA tests will be done freely at government clinics and hospitals beginning in June 2022” was published on September 24, 2022, and it has received more than 3,000 shares since then.

On the same day in South Africa, a tweet that was very similar to this one was liked more than 10,000 times and was retweeted more than 2,700 times.

As this debunking by The Cable newspaper demonstrated, the claim went viral in its home country before making its way to Nigeria, where it prompted the health authorities of that West African nation to issue a denial.

The South African Concept of Paternity
In South African courts (here and here), paternity disputes are typically brought up in connection with disagreements over child support payments, custody battles, or inheritance payouts.

A similar claim was debunked by Africa Check in the year 2020. The post, which was directed toward men, claimed that the South African pharmacy chain Clicks was offering a DNA test for 900 rand (which is equivalent to $58), and the results would be available in 24 hours.

However, the cost of testing of this nature in the country is significantly higher than that – the least expensive private test that AFP Fact Check was able to locate through a search on Google was 1,195 rand ($77) per individual and 2,390 rand ($154) for paternity tests in particular.

Unsubstantiated rumors
Foster Mohale, a spokesman for the South African Department of Health, was quoted as saying to AFP Fact Check, “Please be aware that this is fake news, we are not aware of this, and even the National Laboratory is not aware of this rumour.”

Mohale was referring to the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) of South Africa, which is a national organization that provides paternity testing services.

According to the laboratory in Gauteng province, the cost of each DNA test is 750 rand ($49) per individual or 2,250 rand for both parents and one child. Additionally, the NHLS mentioned that there is currently a backlog, which indicates that it will take approximately three months to obtain results.

Some independent laboratories promise to deliver their findings within five to seven working days.

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