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Who Is Behind Alfred Magongwa Becoming Principal, and Why? 

Skeem Saam Is On The Brink Of A Firestorm: Who Is Behind Alfred Magongwa Becoming Principal, and Why?

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Skeem Saam: Magongwa obtained the position of Principal at Turf High School with the assistance of men who lacked scruples.

It’s possible that Magongwa gained the position of Principal at Turfloop High School with the assistance of some shady characters.

Who is behind the decision to choose Alfred Magongwa as Principal, and Why?

It’s possible that Alfred rose to the position of head student at Turf High School, and he may or may not have done it fairly. We are all aware that Magongwa is a shady man who is willing to resort to whatever means necessary in order to achieve his goals.

Let’s not forget what took place with that tender for the university, where he came dangerously close to killing Alfios because he wanted to expose him to fraud.

Yesterday evening, fans of Skeem Saam began to experience an increased sense of unease when Alfred unexpectedly began to break bread with Mr. Kgomo. Kgomo has invited Alfred to dinner, but Alfred is unaware that Kgomo is bothering Alfred’s wife, which is why she left; however, Kgomo has invited Alfred.

It’s possible that he’s trying to win him over in the event that he wishes to press charges against Paxton for that prank that came dangerously close to causing him lifelong blindness. Kgomo will not engage in an activity unless he believes he would benefit in some way from it.

Additionally, Marothi is showing interest in Magongwa, and it is common knowledge that Marothi is a criminal organization.

This evening, Marothi is going to bestow a pricey present upon Alfred. Why is this even a question? A sizable amount of funding has been provided to Marothi in order for her to carry out her mission of promoting literacy at Turf High. Fraud on the part of this program is being looked into by Zamokuhle, who started the probe.

When Magongwa arrived at the school on Monday, the first significant action he took was to fire Zamokuhle, stating that the latter required a valid credential in order to continue working there.

Is it possible that these two men had something to do with Thobakgale and Zamo losing their jobs and Magongwa being promoted to the chair position?

The position of Principal of Turf High School has been filled by Alfred Magongwa.

Let’s go back in time a bit, shall we?

Everyone is in agreement that Magongwa was not a worthy competitor for the role of Principal because he did not win the position at the interview, and his rivals were worthy.

Even though he held the position of Deputy, he wasn’t exactly pulling his weight in that chair.

Everyone thinks it was odd for DeSando to suddenly use Evelyn’s illness as a weapon against her in the interview, and everyone wanted her to win; additionally, everyone knew how much of a nightmare Magongwa would be as the principal. Everyone is in agreement that it was a bit strange for DeSando to use Evelyn’s illness as a weapon against her in the interview.

It would appear that Magongwa was destined to win no matter what.

Mr. Kgomo did not have any concern about Turf High or its principal, Mr. Thobakgale. In spite of the fact that he would have done anything to get rid of her, he celebrated the future of the school with Alfred just the other day.

As a token of her appreciation for Alfred’s arrival, Marothi will present him with a pricey present today. Why? These two gentlemen are suddenly making an excessive amount of effort in order to win the approval of the Principal.

Is it conceivable that the two of them conspired in order to guarantee that Magongwa, and not anybody else, would be appointed Principal?

They both have motives to have a principal who will be on their side, and Thobakgale was not someone who could be easily convinced or purchased.

They targeted Alfred because to the fact that he is willing to engage in criminal activity and will go to great measures to conceal it.

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