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What’s coming up in the month of November on SkeemSaam

Coming up in the month of November. Paxton is forced to pay a bribe in order to win the short contest of written works.

A calamitous arrow is shot by Cupid straight into Jacobeth’s heart life. As soon as Ntate Kganyago walks in In Thobakgale’s life, she engages in some peculiar behavior decisions that completely upend her life at home as well as at her place of employment

Jacobeth is continually causing harm to others.
control while attempting to salvage her precarious relationship with Kganyago, which has left her unsure about the future of their relationship.

Elizabeth feels a great deal of unease as a result of the fact that Kganyago is able to convince Ma’am Thobakgale to invite him to live in her home. Jacobeth manipulates Kganyago to the point that she kicks Elizabeth out of the house and contemplates leaving her teaching position at Turf High School after he uses the “L” word in front of her.

Pretty has taken over in place of Khwezi.
The game of chess is currently being played out between Lehasa and his women. After Lhasa delivered the unexpected Lobola to Khwezi, Pretty made the difficult decision to leave the love nest. Ever since then, Khwezi has been unsuccessfully attempting to get back into Lhasa’s bed.

Even though Pretty has decided to end their romantic relationship, she continues to love Lehasa. As a result, she sends him a text message in which she expresses her love for him. This prompts Lehasa to give Pretty a call.

When Pretty finally locates her way back into the love nest, the love triangle picks up right where it left off and continues on. Khwezi travels to Turf to meet a competitor of Lehasa’s, and by the middle of the month, she has left, and PreHasa has returned. Time is the only factor that can reveal whether or not things will turn out well this time.

The students in the eighth grade have been given the opportunity to demonstrate their writing abilities. Everyone puts in a lot of effort, especially Mosebjadi, but everyone is surprised when Paxton comes out on top as the winner.

During his interview on Berry FM, Paxton reveals something that Mosebjadi does not expect to hear, and the revelation stuns her. Mosebjadi realizes that Paxton won because he is wealthy, and she lost because she is poor. In addition to being a shady businessman, Marothi is in charge of the literacy program.

The current leader of the writing competition is Zamokuhle, who has a significant lead over the other competitors. Still, in November, he made a threat to quit his job as a result of some unflattering information he discovered about Maroth.

After his attempts to bribe him are unsuccessful, Marothi resorts to intimidating him in order to get what he wants from him. So, Mr. Zamo was aware that Mr. Kgomo and Naroth are working together, right?

Something you didn’t know that in reality, Skeem Saam’s Thobakgale does not have a particularly high level of education.

Because of how well she performed the role of Principal Thobakgale on Skeem Saam, you might assume that she has a high level of education and holds a degree from an accredited university. Elizabeth Serunye is a talented actress who rose to fame for her role as a strict and no-nonsense principal on the show Skeem Saam. In this role, she gained a lot of fans.

Something you didn’t know that in reality, Skeem Saam’s Thobakgale does not have a particularly high level of education.

Limpopo is the province of origin for the actress that everyone adores to despise. She began her singing career as the lead singer in the choir at her high school, but after she graduated, she decided to pursue a career in acting. She had a difficult time breaking into the acting industry at first, and she spent a significant amount of time trying to find steady acting work. Before she got her big break with Soul City in 2006, she even worked in a supermarket. She didn’t start getting noticed until then.

After she achieved her first major success as an actress, she never looked back; she put in countless hours of hard work to get where she is today. After that, she was able to land a role on Skeem Saam as the headmistress of Turfloop High School. Because of her unparalleled acting abilities, many of her followers fell in love with her because of the role that she played.

She has such a deep and abiding passion for her work as a principal, and she is willing to sacrifice anything for the advancement of her career. After that, she was removed from her role as Principal at Turfloop High School, where it was alleged that she had mismanaged funds and engaged in corrupt behavior with regard to school finances. She was unable to find work and fell into a deep depression, both of which led to her eventually turning to over-the-counter medication to numb her feelings of anguish.

Elizabeth is also a gospel artist, and she is currently a member of the Exaltation Gospel Choir. In addition to her career as an actress, she has also released a number of gospel albums. Because of her extraordinary abilities, she has managed to amass a net worth of R600 000. Although Elizabeth did a great job in her role as principal, the actress does not have a very high education. Elizabeth only completed her secondary schooling, but she is able to speak English fluently. Despite this, Elizabeth did not attend a university.

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