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Uzalo’s 4-month-old Vikizitha quits

Siyabonga Radebe, an actor from South Africa, has left the South African television show Uzalo, where he portrayed the part of Vikizitha Vika Magwaza. Is Siyabonga Radebe already searching for greener pastures and a more demanding workplace so soon after taking on the character of Vika Magwaza, which she has just been portraying for a little over half a year?

He joins the cast of the current season of Uzalo to portray the part of Vikizitha Magwaza, a lovely but dangerous criminal. Vika is a violent and reckless criminal who came to KwaMashu with the intention of seizing a portion of Nkunzi’s domain. Vikizitha, a skilled carjacker who always leaves dead victims and immense wreckage in his wake, was responsible for the deaths of several law enforcement personnel and gravely injured others when he arrived. Vika is a guy who is full of himself and regularly trades in perilous ways, despite the fact that Bab’ Nsimbi constantly warns and guides him to guarantee he does not make radical and rash judgments.

The veteran actor appeared on a prime-time television show in March playing a criminal boss who was creating havoc for another veteran gangster named Nkunzi in the KwaMashu area.

This is according to entertainment analyst Phil Mphela, who declared on his twitter handle that the actor has resigned without providing the public with a clear reason for his decision.


Siyabonga “Siya B” Radebe quits Uzalo

After only working on the soap opera shown on SABC1 for a little over half a year, Siya is reportedly quitting his role on the program.

He made his debut in the current season playing Vikizitha Magwaza, a charismatic yet dangerous criminal.

After getting into a heated discussion with his loved ones on Uzalo, Vikizitha ultimately decided to leave the Magwaza household, and that was the last time viewers saw him on air.

Siyabonga Radebe joining The Wife cast as Mqhele Zulu?

Bonko Khoza, a fan favorite and Mzansi national spouse, announced his retirement from the series The Wife after portraying the character of Mqhele Zulu for two seasons. The makers of The Wife, Stained Glass TV, have revealed that they will be recasting the character of Mqhele, and Siyabonga Rabede, who is known for his menacing appearance and general air, has been suggested as a potential candidate for the part.

Mzansi has seen a number of performers go from one cast to another throughout the course of its history when it comes to series produced by the same production studio. There has been an increase in the number of performers moving from Durban Gen to Uzalo, and The Wife will not be an exception because Stained Glass TV is the production company for all of these shows.

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