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Uzalo: October 2022 Teasers

When Pastor Gwala of Uzalo finds out that Nosipho is pregnant, they will temporarily end their relationship. However, Pastor Gwala will not realize that Nosipho is carrying Mondli’s child. When she vomited up on Monday’s (26 September) episode of the SABC1 soapie, it was already implied that she was pregnant.


After Hleziphi, Nonka, and Kwanda’s plot concluded in August, viewers of Uzalo should get ready for a new love triangle storyline with Pastor Gwala, Nosipho, and Mondli. Nosipho will discover that she is pregnant, according to the TVSA October teasers. However, it is not clear whether she is aware that she is carrying Mondli’s child or not.

This week, Nosipho admitted to Gwala that she had slept with Mondli when the two of them were officially dating. However, she did not disclose to Gwala that she had stolen his sperm and intended to become pregnant with his child.

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Nosipho had taken a pregnancy test, but the results came back negative, so she had no idea that she was actually pregnant.

The previous week, they had a disagreement after she informed Mondli that she does not want him to return because she is currently in a relationship with the pastor.

Although the teasers imply that Gwala will propose marriage to her after they make peace, they do not reveal if he will find out that she is truly pregnant with Mondli’s baby rather than his.

According to the teasers, her relative Mkhonto (Bonga Dlamini) will learn that she is expecting Mondli’s child after Gwala proposes to her and asks her to marry him.

The 31st of October, Monday:

When Mkhonto finds out that Nosipho is expecting a child with another man, he is completely blindsided by the news.


The teaser that aired on Tuesday, October 4 also revealed that Pastor Gwala’s mother will pay him a visit and encourage him to make a marriage proposal to Nosipho after visiting her at his house.

“Mrs. Gwala counsels her son to raise Nosipho and Mrs. to be trustworthy and honest people,”

Pastor Gwala will propose to her before he finds out that she is pregnant, and the couple will briefly split up once he learns the news, but they will eventually reconcile and get back together.

On Friday the 7th of October:

The marriage proposal is made by Pastor Gwala to Nosipho.

On Monday, October 10:

When Pastor Gwala finds out that Nosipho is pregnant, her life comes to a screeching halt. Is it possible that she could have misplaced her one true love?

This past Friday, October 28:

“Nkunzi does not want to acknowledge Nosipho as a makoti.”

It would appear that she is unaware that she is not pregnant with Gwala’s child and that she will only learn this information from her uncle Mkhonto (who may be a prophet) during the process of negotiating her lobola.

The pay of Nosipho “Nompilo Maphumulo” at Uzalo has been made public.

She is one of the reasons why Uzalo is still watched by millions of people, and she not only has the plug but also the bling. The leading actress has demonstrated that she is skilled in a wide variety of fields, despite the fact that she did not come from an acting background.

Nompilo Maphumulo is a South African actress who is best known for playing the character of Nosipho in the South African television show Uzalo. She may just be a few years into her career, but she is already making waves in the industry. Her acting abilities are top-notch, despite the fact that she has no formal training in the field. Keep an eye on the situation, since she is about to alter the rules of the game.

The actress, who is now 39 years old, was born on May 3, 1982 in KwaMashu, South Africa. It was against her parents’ wishes for her to pursue acting when she was a child, so despite the fact that she had a gift that was unrivaled, she was never given the opportunity to show it out. Despite this, she did not let it discourage her, and she continued to seize opportunities as soon as they presented themselves.

Her hopes of continuing her study were dashed when she received her matriculation results, and she now works as a waitress as a result. Nompilo has decided to take up classes in the performing arts at the KwaMashu Community Advancement Projects.

The pay of Nosipho “Nompilo Maphumulo” at Uzalo was disclosed.
Those who are able to find beauty in simple settings, where others see nothing, are blessed beyond measure. In 2015, she was given a position on Uzalo. She is, however, one of the lead players in the drama series, which has become one of the best in Mzansi and currently has over 9.8 million viewers.

She was born on Uzalo, and her parents were Muzi and Mangcobo. She is a full sister to Ayanda, and Amandla is only a half-sister to her. She has a secret relationship with Ayanda, completely unaware of the fact that the two of them are connected. After that, she dated Zweli, and then she dated Njeza. At the moment, she is experiencing some difficulties with Njeza, who is mistreating her.

She also has a career as a musician, in addition to her acting career. She was once the artist behind the Gqom hit “Sebenzel’ Imali.” Nevertheless, she is also interested in fashion and she runs the apparel business Eish Ntwana. Together with her spouse Zandile Dlodlo, she enjoys getting dressed up in traditional Eish Ntwana garb.

A great number of people are curious about the amount of money she makes from Uzalo in the aftermath of the popularity of her side hustle. She gets paid approximately R35,000 per month for her role as Nosipho, with the exact amount fluctuating based on the amount of time spent on scenes and the popularity of the role.

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