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#UthandoNesthembu MaCele Explains Why She Refused To Attend Makhumalo’s Wedding

Twitter is abuzz following yesterday’s episode of Uthando Nesthembu as scores of viewers feel as though Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku is in danger. Despite her newly found friendship with Busisiwe ‘MaCele’ Mseleku, it is suspected that all the wives are jealous of her.

Viewers are outraged at how all Mseleku wives are treating MaKhumalo ahead of her event. After learning that MaCele, Mbali ‘MaNgwabe’ Mseleku and Nokukhanya ‘MaYeni’ Mseleku will not be in attendance at MaKhumalo’s traditional ceremony, Umembeso.

Viewers have praised MaKhumalo as one wife who shows up for the other wives. However, seeing MaKhumalo being dealt a bad card by the other wives has raised eyebrows.

Although, traditionally and especially in a polygamy marriages. Other wives are not meant to attend another wives Umembeso. Another viewers pointed out that for wives not attending another wife’s traditionally ceremony is only common practice. The viewer continued to mention that the only time other wives can attend another wife’s ceremony, is only when the ceremony is taking place in the same kraal as their husband’s household.

MaCele finds herself catching smoke because her and MaKhumalo have formed a great friendship right before viewers. However, now that she is pulling stunts and showing off the old uptight first wife, viewers are certainly not thrilled at the change of heart MaCele is portraying towards MaKhumalo.

2023, new me: Inside MaKhumalo’s plan to take over the music industry

2023, new me: Inside MaKhumalo’s plan to take over the music industry

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku has a great year ahead of her, including possibly launching her music career.

Fans previously caught a glimpse of MaKhumalo’s vocal abilities on her reality show and on YouTube when she performed at MaCele’s wedding anniversary late last year.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently, the star said she plans to venture into the music industry in the near future to shed light on the message of love.

“I’m driven by something all the time, which is why people don’t see me sing all the time. I am a very spiritual person. Music is something I’ll do in the near future.

“I don’t want to do it because of others but rather let it be my decision. People always ask that I release an EP or an album because they like the way I sing but my reasons for singing are different,”

Having featured on Mzansi Magic’s Uthando Nes’thembu, The Real Housewives of Durban, and SABC1’s talk show Igumbi Lamakhosikazi in 2022, she added another show under her belt this year titled Ezomshado.

Thobile said she was grateful to be given platforms that allow her to make an impact on people’s lives.

“I’m excited I got an opportunity to help other people and make their marriages better than before. I’ve been part of a team that helps society,

“People got to know me from a show that is marriage-based and made it easy for them to engage with me on marriage-based issues. I am a very family orientated person.”

The star has been able to tap into her own experiences with marriage to help others on their journeys.

“Marriage is a journey that you walk every day and it gets better as time goes. You have to be open to the fact that it’s not perfect and you are not alone. I’ve come to understand this is an unscripted journey.”

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