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#‘Uthando Nesthembu’: Musa Mseleku to get twenty kids from his daughter

The children of Musa Mseleku took centre stage in the most recent episode of “uThando Nesthembu,” which revealed that their grandfather, Musa is anticipating even more grandkids.

The most recent episode of season five of uThando Nesthembu didn’t talk about the fifth wife, which made fans of the show happy.

#‘Uthando Nesthembu’: Musa Mseleku to get twenty kids from his daughter

The audience for uThando Nesthembu has become increasingly agitated as a result of the first month’s worth of programmes revolving around polygamist Musa Mseleku’s search for a fifth bride.

People didn’t just fall in love with the show because of the women; it was also because of their children.

In the most recent episode, which aired on Thursday evening, uThando Nesthembu was finally able to demonstrate this.

The children of Mseleku steal the show.

During this episode, we saw Mseleku having lunch with his children and his fourth wife, MaNgwabe. He also brought along his previous three wives. He praised the manner in which his wife was dressed, adding that she was “classy” and didn’t wear anything skimpy, which, according to his understanding, meant that she wore slacks or displayed some of her legs.

#‘Uthando Nesthembu’: Musa Mseleku to get twenty kids from his daughter

Their discussion progressed to a more serious topic when they brought up their daughter Zenanade and the medical condition of having a cleft palate, which was something she was born with. When a baby’s lip or mouth does not form correctly during pregnancy, a common birth abnormality can result. This defect is called cleft lip and cleft palate.

A skilled nurse named MaNgwabe stated that it is an underdevelopment and that Zenanade would need to undergo another brain scan to see whether or not her brain has fully matured.

Even though her speech is different from that of the other children, at least she is able to communicate. “I am relieved that she is able to communicate,” she remarked.
Mseleku went on to say that he has never had a child like Zenandae before, and the fact that he does now makes him uneasy and tense. However, the fact that she is attending a special school and has improved her communication skills has increased both his and his wife’s affection for her.

The upstanding episode continued with MaKhumalo playing a round of miniature golf with her stepdaughter Mpilonhle (also known as Mpilo), who is a teenager.

However, Mpilo’s biological family, the Zungus, are making it difficult for her to change her surname because they want MaKhumalo to pay damages since she wants to legally be her guardian. Mpilo wants to change her surname, but her original family is making it difficult for her to do so.

Despite the fact that both parties believe the Zungus’ motives may be malicious, MaKhumalo stated that she will support Mpilo whatever of the choice that the latter ultimately makes.

During this time, his first wife, Abongwe, who is also MaCele’s daughter, is busy making preparations for her matric farewell. Both a car and a suit were on her wish list of goods that she hoped her parents would give her. The teen expressed interest in receiving either a Jaguar or a Rolls Royce as a gift; MaCele and Mseleku considered this request to be quite amusing.


We were certain that she would be wearing a suit rather than a skirt, as her mother had recommended she should.

More grandchildren
When Mseleku declared he planned to have 20 children, he never imagined that he would become a grandfather to multiple children so soon after his own children had children.

Mpumuelelo, one of his sons, was found to have fathered a kid outside of wedlock. Both Mseleku and MaYeni came to the conclusion that they were required to compensate the woman’s family for their loss since it is traditional in African culture to do so. Additionally, the businessman desires for his son, who is only 21, to wed his fiancée and refrain from having sexual relations with other women.

Mpumelelo related that he had met the woman who would become his baby mama in 2019 at a party in Cape Town.

He, too, is planning to marry multiple spouses in the future.

Those viewers who have followed Sne’s path are aware that her connection with her father has been strained throughout her life. Especially considering the fact that she continues to have children without his permission and that she is not even married.

MaCele was critical of her daughter’s parenting, and at one time she made the decision to take care of one of Sne’s children herself.

Additionally, Sne’s first wife was the one who discovered that she was pregnant for a third time. MaCele’s mood took a turn for the worse after learning that Sne had confirmed she was expecting.

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