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Trouble in paradise as yet another most loved actress dumps etvScandal! for greener pastures

Over the course of the previous several years, a number of performers have made the decision to leave the program. In the year 2021, while Scandal was undergoing a makeover and adding new cast members, there were a significant number of actors that decided to leave the program. Some of them merely vanished, while others were eliminated, and still others went to a variety of various locations.

This talented actress was introduced to the audience of the soap opera for the first time when she portrayed the character of Lindiwe Ngema, who was Mlungisi and Zinzile Ngema’s daughter.

Trouble in paradise as yet another most loved actress dumps etvScandal! for greener pastures

She once appeared on the program with her brother, who went by the name Sithelo and quit some years ago. The audience was able to see her develop from the time she was a little kid attending school all the way to adulthood.

Mathews Rantsoma, an accomplished actor, plays the role of Nhlamulo, a wealthy businesswoman who is married to Nhlamulo.

It has been reported that the well-known actress Nomvelo Makhanya has left her role as Lindiwe Ngema on the soap opera Scandal!, which airs on Makhanya has been playing the character for a number of years.

Phil Mphela, a pundit on the entertainment industry, has stated that the well-known actress Nomvelo Makhanya would be leaving the show Scandal.

Scandal has quickly evolved into one of the best shows on Mzansi as of late. It has picked up a viewership base in the midst of everything, which has propelled it into the ranks of Mzansi’s most-followed drama series. Despite this, the star-studded ensemble of the drama series has been reduced in size as a result of the problems the show has been having. The following is a list of performers who left Scandal for better opportunities elsewhere.

Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo Medupe

After it was reported that Hungani Ndlovu would be joining the cast of Blackish, he decided not to continue with the drama series. In the midst of everything, it was disclosed that Hungani Ndlovu had quit Scandal after having a conflict with the show’s producers. The number of people watching the drama series went down once he left the show. It was said that he was one of the most paid performers on Scandal, with an estimated take-home wage of at least R85,000 per month. This led to the rumor that he was one of the highest paid actors.

Kgomotso Christopher Playing the Role of YV

She portrayed the film character Yvonne on the big screen. Nevertheless, when she disappeared off-screen, it was claimed that she was departing for a short period of time; nevertheless, she has since joined The Legacy.

Actors who quit their roles on Scandal to pursue other opportunities include Lusanda Mbane and Boniswa Langa.

She embodies the archetypal evildoer that we all take pleasure in detesting. She stunned Mzansi with her unparalleled skill, despite the fact that she was cast in the role of Boniswa Langa, a nasty on-screen figure. On the other hand, she ultimately left the program in grand fashion after five years of participation. with the people that run the show. In spite of the fact that he was the protagonist of the drama series, it was widely believed that the showrunners did not respect him.

The veteran actress was seen on the set of Imbewu: The Seed shortly after she had left the building. She is said to be one of the seasoned casts that will be joining the cast of Imbewu in order to fortify it in the aftermath of the enormous departure, according to the rumor.

Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema

Patrick Mofokeng, who portrayed Mlungisi Ngema on Scandal, decided to leave the show in order to take the main role in the telenovela Lingashoni, which airs on 1Magic. despite being a member of the star-studded ensemble of Scandal.

He plays the role of Mandla Cele in the drama series that he is a part of. Mpfokeng is, however, one of the stars of the show, which also has a star-studded ensemble that includes Thuli Thabethe and Thato Molamu.

She left Scandal at a time when we needed her assistance the most. Masasa Mbangeni, an actress, was cast in the part of Thembeka Shezi, a malicious character. However, she decided to leave the drama series when the Mthunzi Mayisa character, played by award-winning actor Bongile Mantsai, shot her in the head at point blank range. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of her departure, she has joined a number of scripts, one of which being The River.

Cindy Mahlangu as Violeta.

Cindy Mahlangu made a splash when she first appeared on The Queen and left the show in grand fashion before returning to her role as Siyanda. She was given the role of Violeta on Scandal, and with her unparalleled ability, she captivated Mzansi audiences. Nevertheless, after a few of months had passed, she changed her allegiance to Ferguson Films; this signified her comeback to the Mzansi Magic.

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