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The search is over! Zimbabwean actor Themba Ntuli is Motshabi’s father

It has been rumored that the legendary actor Themba Ntuli will be appearing in the Primetime telenovela Scandal.

The actor who appeared on television screens in the early 2010s has since established himself as a household name in the theater industry. As a result, he is making his return to television on the show Scandal, playing the role of the most sought after face in the plot of a troubled young girl who is on the hunt for her biological parents.

Ntuli steps in to play the role of Motshabi’s long-lost father, who eluded his responsibilities as a parent by fleeing the country.

Scandal fans have engaged in much too much conjecture on the identity of Motshabi’s biological father, but it is quite evident that they were not prepared for this turn of events.

Dintle and Motshabi will pay attention to Themba because he will accidentally reveal his real name and surname in public during the month of December while he is playing the role of Father Christmas. Dintle and Motshabi will be impressed.

Dintle’s father and Motshabi’s father will truly forgive one other and give their relationship a second chance in order to mend the broken parts of their shared history.


The South African actress Dakalo Molope, who is only 16 years old, is best known for playing the part of Mo in the soap opera Scandal, which airs on She was born in the year 2006 in South Africa’s West Rand, which is located in the Gauteng Province.

The Facts Her My Life

The beginnings of Dakalo Molope’s life
In South Africa’s Gauteng Province, the West Rand district was both her birthplace and her childhood home. Her early-on curiosity has grown into a full-fledged passion for the subject matter.

When I consider the entirety of my life, from the time I was a young child to the present day when I am a teenager, I realize that my passion for performing has shaped every aspect of who I am. In response to a question from Sowetan Live, Dakalo stated, “So I guess in hindsight, I’ve always known that I want to take this road in my life.”

The education that Dakalo Molope received
After completing the requirements for her elementary education, she enrolled at the National School of the Arts, where she is currently majoring in arts and drama related subjects. She is currently in the eleventh grade.

After she completes her matriculation exams, she hopes to attend a university where she can major in law and also continue her education in the arts and theater.

Dakalo Molope’s Profession in the Acting World

When Dakalo was a student at National School of the Arts, she participated in a production of the show “Pearls of Wisdom” on Showmax, where she was cast in the role of Lebo alongside her fellow students. The play featured other well-known actors including Linda Sokhulu, and Sihle Hlope was the one in charge of directing it.

Following the event’s premiere on Showmax on June 14, 2021, it was shown for the first time on Mzansi Magic Channel 161 in November of the same year. [¹] After that, she was cast in the character of Motshabi, also known as Mo, in the online serial opera Scandal.

Her role on the television show Scandal

When she was first seen on the daytime soap opera, she was a college student who was on the hunt for a place to live. So, she was able to get one at Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s Commune, but it was all because Cee Jay, who had a crush on her when she first arrived, helped her out. She presented a respectable appearance, but the majority of spectators could tell that she was concealing some nefarious information about her life or identity.

When Dintle Nyathi (Mapaseka Koetle), a character from Scandal!, placed her newborn baby up for adoption 14 years ago, she had no idea that her little Motshabi would one day come back to her, causing her to be perplexed and evoking a range of feelings.

Tino and Erin, characters played by Clint Brink and Lorcia Cooper, took Motshabi in as their own child and eventually enrolled him in a boarding school. She skipped out on Magaliesburg’s school and went to the city of lights in an attempt to find her biological mother.

Dakalo Molope’s private life and experiences

Currently, Dakalo Molope may be found residing in Johannesburg, which is located in South Africa. At the moment, she continues her education while residing with her mother and attending grade 11. Her spiritual beliefs are consistent with those of Christianity, and she is a devoted follower of the St. John’s Apostolic Church.

Dakalo Molope’s presence on several social media platforms

Even though she does not have a Facebook account, she is active on social media just like every other star. Her social media handles on Twitter and Instagram are @dakalo molope and @Dakalo.Molope, respectively. She is only on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter and Instagram profiles are still somewhat unpopular, with only three thousand people following her on Instagram.

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