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The SABC has decided to cancel Uzalo

The SABC has decided to cancel Uzalo

After nearly seven years on the air, the South African soap opera with the highest viewership is coming to an end.

According to celebrity and entertainment commentator Kgopolo ‘Phil’ Mphela, the primary reason for the ‘cancellation’ is that SABC’s current fiscals are in disarray, and this is the main cause of the situation.

The SABC has decided to cancel Uzalo

“The cast and crew of the most popular show in South Africa have been notified that production on the seventh season will not begin in 2023 as was originally planned. According to what was written on Phil’s Twitter timeline, “Production contracts process with SABC is cited as the cause, and payments have not been made.”

On the other hand, Uzalo and the SABC have not yet issued an official press release regarding the matter.

Regardless, the matter of the SABC’s current fiscals has been one that has been in the public domain for a considerable amount of time now, and hundreds of people are anticipated to lose their jobs as a result of retrenchments.

Other regional soap operas, like Rhythm City and Isidingo, have already encountered problems, and Uzalo won’t be the first to do so, despite the fact that its viewers are likely to be disappointed.

Kobedi “Pepsi” Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube are both joint owners of Stained Glass Productions, the company that is responsible for producing the South African soap opera known as Uzalo. In 2015, it began airing, and it rose to prominence very quickly due to the compelling narrative, writing, and direction it featured, as well as the performances of the relatively unknown cast members.

In the beginning, it followed the plot of two young men who were switched at birth, with one of them being raised in a family with fundamental Christian values and the other being raised in a family that was involved in a criminal organization. At the moment, it can be seen on SABC 1 at 20:30 local time every Monday through Friday.

The first episode of Uzalo, which aired in February 2015, drew in 5 million viewers. Over the course of the subsequent months and years, the soap opera garnered more than 9 million viewers per episode, making it South Africa’s most popular soap opera. It is competing with Generations: The Legacy to be the soap opera with the highest viewership in South Africa.

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