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The departure of Nomvelo Makhanya from Scandal marks the end of an era.

Nomvelo Makhanya

Nomvelo Makhanya is leaving the soap opera after nearly a decade of portraying Lindiwe Ngema, the sister of Lindiwe Maseko’s character Lindiwe Maseko.

The 10th of November will no longer have the same significance in Mzansi after this.

The teasers suggest that Lindiwe will pass away after she made an unsuccessful attempt to save her baby despite the fact that Doctor Mugari warned her not to.

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The departure of Nomvelo is irreversible, and she will never play that role again because her character is being eliminated.

There were quite a few viewers who felt that the character should not have been eliminated but rather replaced with someone else.

In order to protect her marriage, the actress has decided to step away from her role, according to a source who spoke with

According to the source, her soon-to-be-husband did not feel comfortable with the idea of seeing her kissing other men on screen. Her boyfriend is the one who made this claim.

Now, on the show, Lindiwe is pregnant and will be forced to abort her child because she has some pregnancy complications; however, she chose to go against the advice of her doctor and have the abortion anyway.

Nhlamulo will take the blame for having persuaded Lindiwe to take her own life. Tensions are going to rise, and there is going to be even more drama.

Real Reasons why Scandal star Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya has left the show revealed

Nomvelo Makhanya aka Lindiwe Ngema

The reasons for actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s departure from Scandal have been revealed. Mzansi was left perplexed after it was confirmed that the actress Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe on Scandal, would be kissing her on-screen character goodbye. Makhanya portrays Lindiwe. In the aftermath of her departure, she has been playing the role of Lindiwe Ngema brilliantly on film for the past ten years. She is quickly becoming the famous actress who everyone loves to despise.

After the news of her departure was publicized, it is without a doubt that she has been featured in a variety of news articles. Mzansi has been left wondering about the circumstances surrounding her sudden departure from the drama series in the midst of everything that has been going on. The vivacious actress has quickly established herself as one of Mzansi’s most talented, as we can all agree.

As of today, the internet was flooded with allegations that her romantic involvement had a negative impact on her successful career. According to the urban legend, she threw in the towel because her boyfriend did not approve of her new storyline and the intimate nature of its developments.

However, despite everything that’s going on, the actress has not commented on whether or not the rumors are accurate. However, in the wake of her departure, which has been the subject of much discussion, the gossip mill has been able to piece together the reasoning behind her departure.

“It’s all about insecurities; her boyfriend has decided to marry her, and he doesn’t really like seeing her kiss other men on screen,” you said. “It’s all about insecurities.” According to a source, “She will start taking gigs that are less intimate, but that’s close to impossible in this industry.”

Mzansi was taken aback by the revelations regarding the reasons behind Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s departure from Scandal.

Mzansi, on the other hand, was not persuaded by the explanations she provided for why she was leaving because they had not been very intimate as of late. We can all come to the conclusion that the shift in the story’s plot and trajectory may have had an impact on her character.

Her character, Lindiwe, and her on-screen spouse, Nhlamulo, don’t share a lot of kisses and don’t get very close to one another very often in the show. Fans have speculated that she will leave the program via death when their sworn nemesis Mdala, who has been in prison for a long time, will be released and will kill her in a vehicle accident when she is pregnant.

Her long and distinguished career has brought her a great deal of success in the field of entertainment over the years. She began appearing in the drama series when she was 16 years old and has since established herself as one of Mzansi’s most talented actors. Due to her unparalleled acting ability, she has become that actress whose work we all enjoy hating.

Since then, reliable sources have stated that she has left the company. Phil Mphela, a social media blogger, took his argument to Twitter, where he released a Twitter thread in which he revealed information on her departure. There are rumblings circulating that she may have been offered another main part. Some people are still uncertain about whether or not her departure is temporary or whether or not she is permanently kissing her on-screen character goodbye.

Lindiwe reveals the truth about her kiss with Nhlamulo on Scandal, and he has awful breath.

Mjolo!: Lindiwe reveals on Scandal that Nhlamulo has horrible breath, and she also discusses their kiss.

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe Ngwena on the South African soap opera Scandal!, has opened up about her early romantic involvement with her current husband, Nhlamulo Maseko (role played by Mathews Rantsoma)

As seen on Scandal! Lindiwe got herself deeply involved in the criminal underworld when she wed her charming boyfriend Nhlamulo, who had a history of committing crimes but had since turned his life around. Lindiwe was taken into custody on the day she was to graduate when the police discovered a card cloning equipment in her home.

Nhlamulo has a smelly mouth odor!
In spite of the fact that they share comfortable and romantic sequences on our screens, the reality is that filming these scenes is not as simple as it may seem because they both have other loves in real life. Lindiwe admitted that she had no reservations about being sexually involved with Nhlamulo from the very beginning because the two of them have known each other since they were in high school. She did remark, however, that due to his chronic foul breath, she was required to give him breath mints on a regular basis.

Because we went to the same high school, I have known Nhlamulo, who plays Matthews, off and on since we were both in the ninth grade. Because of this, I have never once felt self-conscious about sharing intimate scenes with him. We came to an agreement that we would follow the script and let our personalities shine through in the parts. From the very beginning, we were of the mindset that we should just play, and whatever would come would come. I believe one of the disclaimers I’ve given him was simply the breath mints, but that’s just typical. – Nomvelo Makhanya

Mathews disclosed in his discussion of the romantic scenes that he and his partner had open discussions about kissing and touching one another.

“We have to discuss about such scenarios, what we are comfortable with and what we are not comfortable with, if she is comfortable with me going to extremes or not, and perhaps most crucially, how our real-life partners take it.”

Mathews admitted that he had given people the wrong impression that he was the same in real life as the role he plays on film because he found it difficult to live up to the expectations of his on-screen persona.

“I am the one standing in contrast to Nhlamulo, whom you see on the TV. Mathews is not nearly as amorous in real life as the character he plays on the show Scandal. I have witnessed several women flinging themselves at me in the mistaken belief that I am the same as Nhlamulo; guys, I’m not romantic.

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