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#SkeemSaam: Mr Kganyago to break Jacobeth’s heart

#SkeemSaam: Mr Kganyago to break Jacobeth’s heart. Jacobeth fell in love with Mr. Kganyago after seeing him for the first time.

Kganyago gave off the impression of being an aristocrat who currently resides and works in Ireland.

After warning him about the other man in the hospital who was trying to con Lizzy out of money, he was instantly elevated to the role of hero in Lizzy’s eyes.

#SkeemSaam: Mr Kganyago to break Jacobeth’s heart
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When he was dropping off a present for Lizzy at her house, he happened to meet her mother, Jacobeth Thobakgale, and immediately developed feelings for her.

Both parties began to show interest in one another, which eventually developed into a relationship. Kganyago ultimately decided to move in with them as a result of the pressure that he had been putting on her to advance their relationship to the next level.

#SkeemSaam: Mr Kganyago to break Jacobeth’s heart

As of late, Kganyago has been engaging in dubious behavior, which has caused viewers of Skeem Saam to lose favor with him in a hurry.

After having moved in for only a week, he has already started putting pressure on Jacobeth to retire earlier than planned. Despite the fact that he has informed her that he will take care of her, he is already putting pressure on her to cash out her pension, despite the fact that the two of them have only started dating.

#SkeemSaam: Mr Kganyago to break Jacobeth’s heart

Sello Maake Ka- Ncube, who plays Mr. Kganyago, is undoubtedly one of the most famous performers in Mzansi and also one of the most paid actors in the country.

The veteran actor has become well-known for his parts in a number of the most popular soap operas in the country, such as Generations and Scandal. Who among Scandal’s viewers could ever forget the character Mr. Daniel Nyathi?

Sello has been working as an actor for several decades, and he has accomplished a great deal during the course of his career. His work is recognized not only in the local community but also across the world.

The following are some fascinating facts about Sello and his meteoric ascent to fame.

Skeem Saam Viewers Frustrated With Paxton

Skeem Saam viewers are becoming more and more angry with a certain Pax Kgomo who joined the cast during the previous season. The audience has the impression that he has been successful for an inordinately lengthy period of time.

On Skeem Saam, the writing style may have been updated, but we are unable to confirm this information at this time. The instructional theatre now has the same lack of invention and creativity as the vast majority of South African soap operas.

It would appear that the authors are eliminating the one aspect of the show that was responsible for attracting people in the first place.

Skeem Saam, in contrast to shows such as The River and Uzalo, offered viewers optimism and taught them many valuable lessons about life. On the other hand, it looks like that might be shifting.

Since he became involved in the drama, Pax Kgomo has had no trouble getting his way.

He was the mastermind behind the nefarious scheme that resulted in Meneer Magongwa experiencing temporary blindness.
But he was still able to get away with it, and Turf high School’s principle Thobakgale wound up taking the blame for it, which led to her being removed from her post as headmaster of the school.

Now, he has perpetrated the theft of Mosebjadi’s short story, and he has won the short writing competition with a piece of literature that is not his own.

Mosebjadi is from a very impoverished family, and this tournament was intended to be her life and possibly her future.

Pax, on the other hand, was the lucky winner of the R10,000 prize money and is currently receiving all of the praise.

When will this Pax Kgomo circus finally come to a stop because we have had enough of it at this point? We want our old Skeem Saam back.

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