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Skeem Saam: Sthoko is a gone girl!

In the episode that aired last night, Skeem Saam viewers felt sad for Alfred since his family surprised him with a party to commemorate his elevation to the position of new principal in the absense of his wife Celia for the celebration.

The big question is whether or not he will replace Celia with Sthoko given that they will both be single in the not too distant future?


According to the teasers released for the September episode of Skeem Saam, Sthoko’s crush, Alfred, will be devastated by the news that his wife Celia will give him the following Friday, September 9, about where she stands with regard to their marriage.

Skeem Saam: Sthoko is a gone girl!

Should Alfred and his current wife decide to part ways, this will be his second divorce after the one he had with Molahlegi (Tsholo Mashaba).
The following sentence can be seen in the teaser that will air on TVSA on Friday, September 9: “Alfred is upset to learn where Celia stands on their marriage.”

The fact that Alfred (Putla Sehlapelo) and Sthoko (Inno Sadiki) developed affections for each other in a previous season but were unable to act on those feelings due of Alfred’s marriage to Celia makes Sthoko the ideal partner for Alfred.

Because Celia is not in Turfloop, Alfred is in a vulnerable position and may consider filing for divorce because it is possible that she will never return there.

After her marriage to Clement’s father, Dennis, which ended in divorce because he was cruel to her, Sthoko is likewise without a partner. They have a lot in common, including the fact that they are both teachers, that they have children, and that they have both been married before.

Because they have been looking forward to it for years, viewers of the educational soap opera were crushed for Alfred when his wife didn’t call or attend his promotion party last night because they had been anticipating it for so long.

Shoki Mmola, a favorite among viewers of the South African Broadcasting Corporation 1 soap opera, shocked viewers in June of this year when she announced her retirement from the role of Celia Magongwa, the wife of Alfred Magongwa, as well as Rachel Kunutu, Nimza Kunutu, Mahlatse Kunutu, and Bushang Magongwa’s mother. Mmola had played these roles for a decade.

Biography of Putla Sehlapelo, including Age, Career, Wife, Skeem Saam, and Net Worth

Putla Sehlapelo is a South African actor who can be seen playing the part of Alfred Magongwa in the television show Skeem Saam, which is broadcast on SABC 1 at the moment. His starring performance as Maloro in the SABC1 miniseries Death of a Queen brought him the most attention and made him famous. Putla has appeared on the big screen for us, but what is he really like in real life? Let’s investigate the life of Putla Sehlapelo together so that we can learn more about the man.

Where in South Africa does Putla Sehlapelo hail from originally?

Putla Sehlapelo was born and reared in the province of Mpumalanga, which is part of Limpopo. In spite of the fact that he has lived in a number of different cities over the course of his life, he has now made Johannesburg his permanent home.

Which schools did Putla Sehlapelo attend during their academic careers?

Putla Sehlapelo received his primary and secondary education in the Mpumalanga community schools. After that, he attended the University of Pretoria to pursue his interest in drama and ultimately earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject.

When exactly did Putla Sehlapelo achieve a turning point?

Putla, who had previously spent some time applying for roles, made his debut as an actor in 2003, appearing on Generations in the role of Spike. In addition to that, he appeared in the SABC1 miniseries Death of a Queen in 2008, which was broadcast as a part of the channel’s “Shakespeare in Mzansi” series. In addition, Putla Sehlapelo had a starring role in the soap opera The Wild from 2011 to 2012, playing the role of Tiro Lebone, a BEE billionaire who is missing one thing in his life: the love of his life. In addition to that, Putla has made guest appearances on television programs such as Noah’s Ark in 2008 and the suspense series ‘Thola’ in 2014.

In what other television programs has Putla Sehlapelo appeared?

Pula is a veteran South African actor who has spent his entire life working in the entertainment industry. During the course of his career spanning two decades, he has appeared in a wide variety of shows both nationally and internationally.

Putla portrays the character of Alfred Magongwa in the film Skeem Saam. Skeem Saam is a local drama series that explores the plight of today’s male children and the difficult challenges they face as they transition into manhood. The series was created in Malaysia.

Who is the woman who is married to Putla Sehlapelo?

Putla Sehlapelo is Neo Sehlapelo’s husband, and the couple has been given the gift of three stunning children as a result of their union. Neo is a successful entrepreneur who provides for her family and herself in a satisfactory manner. Putla is concerned not just for the welfare of his family and friends, but also of the less fortunate members of his community.

How much does Putla Sehlapelo have in their bank account?

Putla made a splashy debut in the entertainment world in the year 2003, and after 17 years, he’s come a long way since then. Putla Sehlapelo has a wealth of $200,000 in the United States of America as of the year 2020. Putla’s primary source of earnings continues to be acting, in addition to the income he receives through the business partnership he maintains with his wife.

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