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SkeemSaam: It was found out that Leeto is not John Maputla’s son.

As the Rathoka family travels to the Maputlas, SkeemSaam enthusiasts have already noticed something peculiar about the location.

It would appear that Meikie’s uncle is currently residing in Turf along with their yellow-born son. SkeemSaam viewers and supporters are of the opinion that there is a striking resemblance between the young man and Leeto.

After meeting the family, Mzansi has been speaking out about their suspension on various social media platforms. It’s been a few weeks since Leeto last questioned Meikie about his father, so this is probably old news. Leeto has a strong hunch that John Maputla is not in fact his biological father. This is a direct result of him discovering that John Maputlas is Kwaito’s biological father.

Meikie was once confronted by Leeto about the identity of his biological father. Those who remember Leeto’s suspicions about Kwaito’s true identity from the episode in which he asked about his biological father will recall that Kwaito was the one who initially sparked them. He has expressed to his mother that he does not resemble John Maputlas in any way.

He has fair skin, in contrast to John and Thabo, who both have dark skin. It has been pointed out to him by Meikie that he resembles her uncle. She mentioned that her uncle had the same light build as he has.

After meeting the family, Mzansi became convinced that it was possible that yellow bone young guy and Leeto shared the same father. The viewers are confident that Maputla did not have a son named Leeto.

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