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Skeem Saam: No More PreHasa, Pretty dumps loverboy Lehasa

Following what she witnessed on Friday night, it is going to be extremely challenging for Pretty to recover and trust Lehasa once more.

Lehasa seemed annoyed by Kgosi’s lack of initiative in trying to locate him. Kgosi’s job is to prepare Lehasa for his court date.

Though Pretty wants some time apart, Lehasa won’t let her go since he “needs” her.

Skeem Saam: No More PreHasa, Pretty dumps loverboy Lehasa

On seeing Kgosi, Lehasa completely loses it. To paraphrase: “what’s up with you, Kgosi?” As soon as Kgosi walks in, Lehasa asks him.

This isn’t the greatest time to pull out, Lehasa tells Kgosi.

As a result, Kgosi takes the opportunity to inform his boss that he would no longer be testifying on his behalf. Everybody loses their minds when Lehasa starts giggling.

Skeem Saam: No More PreHasa, Pretty dumps loverboy Lehasa

In fact, I have given this a great deal of thought. Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for you. There’s absolutely zero benefit to me, boss. Not a single thing. Kgosi says to Lehasa, “I don’t even have a proper place.”

Lehasa finally loses it and accuses Kgosi, who is clearly shaken by the accusation, of being an accomplice. You’re going to hell with me if I end up in there.

“You lied to the police and switched laptops. Lehasa, irritated, asks, “Have you forgotten?”

Kgosi goes on an emotional pleading spree, thinking his superior will see things his way.

The only way I’ll be able to do this is if you grant me a job at Level.

Lehasa makes the choice to bring Kgosi’s attention back to his true identity.

Clearly, you have no idea my capabilities. You need to remember who you’re dealing with. Remember that, In this scene, Pretty’s boyfriend tells Kgosi about their relationship while holding the latter by the neck. Kgosi’s face is flushed with anger, and he won’t stop pleading that he not be killed.

I beg you, Boss: don’t murder me! Avoid murdering me. Please, do not map our roads! The words “Don’t kill me” come out of his mouth.

I swear to God, I shall put an end to you. I repeat: you will follow Fanie.

Pretty was astounded to see the whole encounter unfold before her eyes. Lehasa has no idea that his soul mate knows about this dark side of him.

Already, she is beginning to question her relationship with Lehasa as she learns more about the kind of man she married.

Throughout the course of the week, Pretty listened to a variety of testimonials about her boyfriend, the vast majority of which were extremely negative.

She was able to learn how Lehasa plotted the death of his employee Fannie Masemola and how he carried it out.

She then saw him suffocate one of his employees, Kgosi, while he was sleeping at night. As if that wasn’t bad enough.

What course of action will the headstrong young woman who defied her own family take now that she has seen all of these warning signs?

When the trial picks back up the following week, even more sinister details about Lehasa will be brought to light. Will Pretty continue to stay with her man despite his ugly side, or will she decide to leave in order to save herself?

Judging on everything that has unfolded in front of her eyes, we strongly believe Pretty will dump Lehasa.

In Other News: Massive increase in the value of real estate in this region of South Africa, thanks in large part to wealthy emigrants

In Other News: Massive increase in the value of real estate in this region of South Africa, thanks in large part to wealthy emigrants

According to Brett Botsis, Seeff’s licensee for the Umhlanga area, the real estate market in the area is continuing to perform very well. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a discernible increase in sales in the range of R5 million to R10 million.

It was stated that 2021 was a record year for the region, and according to the data provided by Lightstone, approximately R3.2 billion in transactions were recorded for the previous twelve months up until the end of September at a median price of R4.4 million.

According to Botsis, there were approximately 23 sales over the course of the previous year that were above this price. The vast majority of these sales occurred in estates like The Executive Estate and Izinga Estate as well as freehold houses. Izinga Estate also saw the sale of two properties for more than R20 million each.

Anni and Warren Eisele, who work as agents for Seeff, have already closed sales totaling R60 million for this year. This includes high-value sales in the San Marina apartment complex, which were completed at prices of R12.5 million and R15 million, respectively, for the full asking price.

According to Botsis, the pandemic has been a tremendous boon for the Umhlanga real estate market, leading to an increase in the number of local purchases as well as an increase in the number of buyers coming from upcountry provinces, particularly Johannesburg.

Umhlanga is a wealthy enclave that is seeing an increase in the number of people semimigrating here. These people include local and upcountry executives as well as wealthy buyers.

Not only does property in Umhlanga consistently perform well as an investment, but it also shares the distinction of being one of the most popular areas for wealthy buyers, right up there with places like the Atlantic Seaboard and Plettenberg Bay.

According to Botsis, values have increased by approximately 6% on an annual basis over the course of the previous five years, which is significantly higher than the typical rates of capital growth. Additionally, there is a robust rental market, which is a benefit that is appealing to buyers of rental investment properties.

As a result of the increased demand, price ceilings have risen, and buyers are investing in a greater number of luxury apartments and homes. In addition, the volume of sales in excess of R5 million is significantly higher than it was in 2019. According to Seeff, the same principle applies to sales in the price band of R10 million to R20 million.

In spite of the fact that buyers typically fall within the age range of 36 to 49 years, there has been an increase in the number of younger buyers, who now account for approximately 27% of recent property purchases.

According to Anni and Warren Eisele, sectional title real estate is a common choice and accounts for approximately 70% of all available inventory on the market. The remaining lands are held in freehold, of which 6% are situated in estates.

In The Breakers Resort, the cost of an apartment can range anywhere from just under R1.6 million to just over R2 million. There is a high demand for rentals in the complex, which offers excellent amenities, including swimming pools, a tennis court, putt-putt, a restaurant, and more. According to the real estate agents, the complex is an excellent holiday investment because of this high demand for rentals.

The price of larger apartments typically falls between R2.4 million and R3 million. According to Seeff, townhouses are another excellent choice in the sectional title category. Prices for townhouses in Kindlewood Estate, for instance, fall somewhere in the range of R3 million to R3.6 million.

There is also a selection of luxury apartments, each of which can be purchased for approximately R4 million. Also in high demand are the penthouses, such as the penthouse in Pearls of Umhlanga, which is currently listed for R39.5 million, and the 817sqm duplex penthouse in Oyster Schelles, which is currently listed for R35 million. Both of these penthouses offer a superior lifestyle experience, as well as ocean vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Additionally in high demand are gated estates, as well as high-end sectional title properties located in close proximity to the beach. On average, homes in the luxury market sell for between R5 million and R9 million, while the price of ultra-luxury properties can reach up to R24 million.

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